Piggy and the machine

I am enjoying the raw edge applique so much and the effects it produces.  It fits my personality which loves all things whimsical and wandering. For me, raw edge it is a technique to allows the mind and thread to go with the flow and the results are fanciful and fun.


My poor old White sewing machine which I love dearly (model 1409 that my Mom bought me 20 odd years ago) is very stress very basic. It does not have a down option for the feeder dog (down boy down) so I actually taped a piece of card stock paper over it and stitched with the basic sewing foot and that actually works for the most part. Good news: I found what I hope is a compatible free motion quilting foot (for $2.78 no less!) and a darning plate (to cover the dern dog) online and I now just have to wait for the package and see.  Practice does make all the difference though and I am going to just keep on sewing away :).


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