My mother’s birthday gift request to me was for a new make-up case. She was very specific about it; even drawing me a picture with the dimensions and all! There are oodles of tutorials online for makeup bags but I ended up choosing one for a kid’s pencil case that matched her desired measurements.

As I finished I realized the inside seam would be showing. Kind of a bummer but I used pinking shears to trim the raw edge and it did give it a nicer appearance, with no loose threads to unravel.  You can find tutorials that have a finished seam edge inside but what I liked about this case was the boxed corners (that apparently sacrificed an inner finished seam.)  Nobody is gonna notice anyway, right? :p


Also, I wanted to also introduce my sewing companion, Bean. She is so content when the machine runs that sometimes I can’t tell what motor is making the loudest sound…purrrrrrrr. However don’t let the cute cuddly thing fool you. She can be such a handful sometimes that my boyfriend started calling her a schnickelfritz, and so hence her nickname “Schnickels” was born. Schnickelfritz is a Pennsylvania Dutch term of affection for mischievous or talkative children.  According to Urban Dictionary the term of endearment can also include the behaviors of a “‘rascal’, ‘scamp’, or ‘little chatterbox’.”


The Amish in our area speak a variation of the German language; PA Dutch.  Both my boyfriend and I grew up and live in PA close to many Amish and Mennonite communities (Lancaster area). Many “English” (as non-Amish are called by the Amish) can still recall words of or speak the PA Dutch of their ancestors.                                                                               * Amish quilts have to be a topic of their own; they are beautiful, handmade priceless timepieces. *

When Bean is in full on “Schnickel mode” she will chew on all things paper in her path to get your attention; books, cardboard, tissues and in lieu of those shoes and purse handles will do! She will meow, hiss, swat or bite to remind you that she is Queen Bean (another apt nickname). She tries to dominate here sister, Sara Cat, who finds little recourse except in human intervention. Sara is such a sweet girl and Bean is frequently scolded for being a “pill” to her (as my Mom would say.) Alas, I love them to pieces and have ever since I got the two tiny kittens 14 years ago! Thanks for reading and sparkle on!!!



6 thoughts on “Bean&bag

  1. This is a cute make up case! It started me thinking about Christmas gifts and this would be a nice gift for some people on my list. Thanks for the tip about using a pencil case pattern! Isn’t it nice to have furry critters to keep you company when you sew! My universe is always complete when my dogs are in my sewing room with me.

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  2. My mother-in-law used to call my son schnickelfritz! Her family was from PA. Haven’t heard that word in a long time. Love when my cat keeps me company, too.


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