Quilt Odyssey 2016 Hershey, PA July 21-24

I went to the Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA (“The sweetest place on Earth”) and I was very happy I went. I enjoyed it so much. I saw so many wonderful and diverse quilts like I have never seen before.  As I walked through the show, I took pictures of the quilts I liked then thought, what I should do is a take a picture of every last one! And so I did! There had to be at least 50, I lost count. I won’t post all of them but wanted to share the following:

I’ll start with my favorite and receiver of my vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award, “Esfahan” by Megan Farkas. (95’x95). I kept coming back to this quilt and each time was more and more entranced by it. At first by its uniqueness, the bold colors and mosaic design; then looking closer the intricate detail and patterns. Adding to the amazement is that it is all hand appliqued and quilted.

Her Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/MeganFarkasQuilts  has a series of photos of how she created Esahan and her pics give the quilt much more justice than my mine. You can see some of her other amazing work too, it is worth visiting.

Megan’s Artist’s Statement: “When I first saw this Persian tile mosaic, I thought, “That’s a quilt!” And now it is. Based on a photo by Sebastia Giralt taken at the Jameh Mosque, used with permission”

Here are a few of the award winners:

Best in Show: “Woven Journey.” In real life the quilt was very vibrant; with a sateen/silky material and sparkly threads.

Best Traditional: “Little Baskets” I thought this quilt was so charming. Artist’s statement: “There are 363 baskets in this quilt and 52 side pieces, all different prints. It took two years to make. All hand stitched.”  Wow!

Detail “Little Baskets”

Taste is  subjective but in the end I was amazed by the talent of every single entrant.  I walked away saying “I am not remotely in the same league as these quilters but I am inspired! I will keep sewing and sparkling on ;)”

Lastly, here is a sampling of some of the other quilts in the show:

6 thoughts on “Quilt Odyssey 2016 Hershey, PA July 21-24

  1. Wow, that Megan Farkas quilt is stunning! I need to get better at finding quilts in the objects around me. I thoroughly enjoy following a pattern, but some of my favorites have been the ones I designed myself.


    1. I am glad you like her quilt too! It is wonderful that you can design your own quilt patterns, I am not quite there yet but we never know when inspiration will strike us! When you see something that captures you, you will know it is for a quilt to design :)

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