711 Walnut St.


This is a little wall hanging I made for my mother of the house I grew up in with her and my sister. My mother is an artist; she paints, draws and is also the person who taught me how to sew.  My inspiration for this gift to her came from a watercolor/pen&ink painting she gave to me of the outside view of my apartment.

Painting by Mary (Mom) 2016

Most of my time spent on this piece was the drawing and layout of the house and Sweetie. It was harder than I thought to make a little scene that has some depth and proportion. I used raw edge applique with some quilting around the house and trees. I decided not to quilt the white background to keep with the more primitive look.


Sweetie is my mother’s beloved cat, who does not always live up to her moniker. She is prone to jumping on the kitchen counter to take a few licks of butter, running across the dining room table while you are eating and giving you a big hiss if you cross her path. But she is dog-like in her loyalty to my Mom and she is rewarded by being the most pampered pet equaled to only my sister’s cats and my Bean and Sara of course. Actually, I am quite sure there are many other equally pampered pets! If you would like to share with me about yours, I would love to hear from you :)

Well, I have given the gift to my mother and it now hangs within the house on Walnut Street!

Thank you for stopping by and sparkle on!

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