I finished my quilt for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild’s wonderful quilt drive #QuiltsforPulse. Their original plan was to give a quilt to every survivor of the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub, but the response was so overwhelming they are now extending the gifts to the families, doctors, nurses and first responders involved. Please visit their blog to learn all about the journey;


I wanted to make a finished quilt to send and knew it would take me eons of time, so I chose to applique hearts on to 10×10” squares. I quilted straight line boxes inside the seams of each block, outlined each heart (gave them a nice “puffy” look :) and then free motion quilted the boarder.

I am new to FMQ, this is the second quilt I have tried it on and I was a bit apprehensive. I have been practicing but my hesitations show up in the stitches. But after watching Leah Day’s video http://leahday.com/pages/stippling I was inspired to plunge in and try the real deal. She says to “give yourself permission to mess up and just try it”So I did and was really happy with the results. I love watching her videos; she is so encouraging to a beginner like me. I was trying a kind of loopty-loop design and even managed to get a few hearts in here and there!

Hope all is well and keep on Sparkiling On!  :)


10 thoughts on “QuiltsforPulse

  1. Your quilt looks great, and I am sure it will bring someone comfort. Good job of plunging in with the fmq. I am very much a beginner myself, and I get nervous when it is a “real” project. I guess lots of experience will help with that.


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