Disappearing Nine Patch D9P Update

D9P Baby Quilt

This is my finished modern disappearing nine patch baby quilt. It will be given to a local hospital’s NICU on behalf of my Modern Quilt guild. The challenge for this quilt was to use the nine patch quilt in a modern way. The guidelines included; using 5 neutrals/solids (for the negative space) and 4 prints for each block. I used 5”x5″ squares. After sewing together the nine patch block, it was cut in half horizontally then vertically. Then the quarters can be rearranged and sewn back together for a new block. Each block can be different.  Randomness and improv are encouraged!

Well I went random all right! I do like the outcome and it sure made the decision process of layout easy!

This was my first official attempt at free motion quilting on a complete piece. I am happy to say I did it and the overall effect was as good as I could have hoped. :)

Also, thanks to every ones advice on my post ¼” Seam or Bust! I have made great strides in getting my corner points to align…Here is a look at my new work in progress; a baby boy quilt for my cousin and his wife’s new arrival.

Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!!! Abbie :)

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