Kitties in the Closet

In my never ending quest to organize my sewing room “slash” put things in that you don’t know what to do with but don’t want to get rid of  room, I found these kitties in a box that I knitted a good 10 years ago! I was in a major knitting phase at the time. I just couldn’t get enough of knitting these kitties.  I gave away many to friends and family; kids and grown kids too and kept a few for myself of course!      

Needless to say these kitties have been a bit neglected but fortunately they all still have smiles on their faces :) They asked to go outside, so course I obliged. They were even up for an impromptu photo session.

Mischievous kittens do like to play:


I even sewed this gal her own little tutu!


Mmmmmm…smell the flowers:


Now it was time for lunch:


At my local farmer’s market I always stop at the a woman’s stand who make all kinds of homemade confections. I love to see her tiny mice all lined up in the old fashioned glass candy case; made of a chocolate covered cherry (stem is their tail), a Hershey kiss face and two little almond sliver ears!  They are so yummy!  At the same time, each is so unique and precious that I can’t help but feel a tad sad when they are gone!

The knit kitties thank you for visiting!

8 thoughts on “Kitties in the Closet

    1. Thanks Barbara! I think it is so much easier to learn to knit by having someone show you and talk you through it. I have crocheted but only do a Granny square cause i can’t understand crochet patterns :p It is great you try new things. Knitting does gets easy (and relaxing) once you get the hang of it.

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  1. Abbie, I just laughed out loud while reading this post! Thank you for helping me start my day with a good laugh, you have a great sense of humor! These kitties are adorable and very busy, I might add! The mice confections look too good to eat, but kitties do get hungry…as does their mom! Looking forward to reading about more quilting and kitty adventures.

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