Dracula’s mug on a rug

I vant to suck your mug!… Oh no, not my coffee Countie!!!

Count Dracula Mug Rug

It was my boyfriend’s birthday last week and being that he loves all things Halloween, I made this Count Dracula Mug Rug for him. It is an original design from Sandy and Cindy’s blog Gray Barn Designs

It was so fun to make; watching him form before my eyes! The directions are super clear and easy to follow! I had my pieces cut and started sewing in an afternoon, which is fast for me!!!   The red fabric fangs bled a bit but that just adds to his charm…he may have just had a midnight snack!

Still plenty of time till Halloween to make one or some!

Autumn is in full bloom here in Trans…um…Pennsylvania!!!. The skies are blue and the tree leaves yellow and red, so pretty. Until next time Abbie

The last of the summer flowers.



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