Receiving a baby


I finished making the disappearing nine patch baby blanket for my cousin’s new son. I can see how my sewing has improved and it makes me so happy :) Most corners matched right up so nicely and I was able to practice “squaring” my finished quilt top. For the back of this quilt, I ended up using flannel receiving blankets quite by accident. I was finding it hard to find the flannel fabric I wanted that wasn’t too baby blue or cutesy (which I adore but wasn’t for this quilt.) Then as I was leaving the store empty handed, I thought why not look in the baby section for those flannel things that parents use as “burp clothes”… And so it was; a package of four flannel “receiving blankets” 30”x 30” each for $7.99 in neutral yellows and grays. Just what I wanted and less than the same amount of fabric by the yard (I do love a bargain ;)

I was so excited that I could now finish the quilt! As I washed then ironed the cloths I asked myself; “Why are they called ‘receiving’ blankets anyway?” My reply to myself was “Let’s google it shall we”: The term “receiving blanket” refers to the original use, which was to “receive the baby at their birth.”

Oh that just warms my heart :) As I hope the quilt will warm the precious baby.


The picture in the photo below is a watercolor painting by my mother of me. It is dated November 7, 1974. I was just a little one myself then.


In preparation for tomorrow, I am thawing my Tofurkey roast.  I am a vegetarian and haven’t eaten “real” turkey in about 15 years. After several tries I was able to get my family to try Tofurkey, a vegetarian alternative, and to my (and specially theirs) surprise They liked it! Mikey actually likes it! So now it is a family tradition:) To all who celebrate it, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


13 thoughts on “Receiving a baby

  1. Hi Abbie! You found just perfect flanels for this beautiful baby quilt! I like the pattern too! That painting from your mother is a treasure and beautiful! My grandfather painted me and my sister (have forgot to share in my blog). x Teje

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  2. Your baby quilt turned out so sweet. I like the colors, too. How wonderful to have that painting of your mother’s! My mom was an artist for a brief time at Hallmark cards right after high school and before she and Dad married back in the 50’s. I only have two small paintings of bouquets that she did. I like how you displayed your quilt for the pictures.

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    1. Thank you for you nice words :) That is so neat that your Mom was a hallmark artist! I am glad you do have at least the two paintings that she did. I wonder if you could find any cards on the Internet from that time that she did work there?


      1. Gosh, I don’t know. If there is, I doubt her name would be on anything. There’s a Hallmark coffee table book that I looked through once. It went through the history of Hallmark, but I didn’t see her name. She was there briefly because she and Dad wanted to live near family in St. Joseph, MO, after they married.

        Did your mom paint professionally or as a hobby?

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        1. My mom was an art school teacher until she got married and had me & my sister. Since then she has sold her paintings in local galleries.Did your mom continue to paint for pleasure after working for Hallmark? So neat that we both have artistic mothers :)


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