Summer Quilt

I was so excited that all my star block corner points were matching up so well [ Spotted: Flying Geese! ] that I neglected to notice the outside edges were not! The finished blocks should be 8 1/2″ square, but believe me they were not.😜
I was able to square them up on my cutting mat to about 8 1/4″. I didn’t want to go smaller because then some of the points would get cut off when piecing the whole quilt together with 1/4″ seams. Trust me some will have a very scant 1/4″ seam!!! Oh I still long for the day of sewing a (near) perfect block…So at least I have a goal to work towards!

image I have made a total of 12 star blocks. I decided to make the rest of the quilt just white fabric. I am figuring out layout and dimensions now. Hope all is well with you!


21 thoughts on “Summer Quilt

  1. I was frustrated with blocks not coming out perfectly on a quilt I was making last fall. Then I did the math and discovered that the pattern writer wasn’t accounting for seam allowance and felt SO much better. It wasn’t just me! Still, I think the best phrase that goes around the quilting world ever so often is “finished is better than perfect” For me, I’ve learned that one of my challenges in life is to make up for my vagaries in piecing

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  2. I ended up having to sew a 1/8 inch border on each side to fix many of the blocks that did not measure 12.5 on the Tribute quilt I made. My measuring got a bit better with the second quilt I made, but there was a lot of ripping and redoing. Your blocks are so bright and beautiful!

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  3. Those little stars are so cheerful and pretty. I am working on a commission quilt with blocks that are not behaving either. It’s driving me nuts, but it will be okay. As long as my blocks are consistent, I can work with them! Keep going — you’re doing great!!

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