Stumbling Blocks!

Hi All! I finished twelve 8×8″ star blocks for my Summer Quilt and added white white fabric strips for the rest of the quilt top.  Boy, is that a lot of white! So I decided to add some smaller star blocks (4×4″ finished) in between the larger ones so they don’t seem so lost in a sea of white fabric.

Sawtooth Star Block
Smaller 4×4″ (finished) Star Blocks

Have you ever made a mistake and then asked yourself  “What the heck was I thinking when I decided to do that?” I wish I could explain my rationale when I decided to mark my seam lines to sew the flying geese sections with a fine point marker. Perhaps thinking it wouldn’t bleed? The lines wouldn’t show when sewn?  Well, guess what? When I went steam iron them, they bled and it showed!

Well, I resigned myself to starting all over but for the heck of it I put these inked up geese in a little tub of water with a hefty dose of (generic) oxiclean. Several hours later I rinsed and realized these guys might be salvageable :) Here is a picture of the ones with the most visible stains after soaking:

Flying Geese

Not too bad? I’m going for it and using them! This quilt is for me (yippee:) so I’m not judging! By the way, I used a product that I bought at the wonderful Dollar Tree (of everything is a $1 fame) and it works just as well as its more expensive counterpart 🤑


I hope your sewing projects are going smoothly.  If any one has some “hacks” to share about removing fabric stains, I’d love to hear them. ~Abbie









16 thoughts on “Stumbling Blocks!

  1. Have you ever made a mistake and then asked yourself “What the heck was I thinking when I decided to do that?” – My answer is YES, YES, YES! Been there! I figure it is all a learning and growth experience :-)

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  2. I actually do use a fine point marker regularly–but it’s one I found in an embroidery shop, and it always washes off in just water. I’m glad you were able to salvage your blocks, that would’ve been very sad!

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  3. Great save on the marker points Abbie. I did the same type of thing using black not pre-washed fabric with cream. Bled like crazy. I used Shout color catcher, Carbona color run remover and Sew Clean fabric spot cleaners. Keep them in my cabinet. Still don’t pre-wash unless I feel it might bleed. Use Retayne to wash fabrics that might bleed. Great to get to know you. I’m happy you are enjoying quilting.

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