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I am a new blogger (almost a year!) and a new quilter. One of the first blogs I started following via email was quilting JETgirl. She has a section on her blog called Advice and Tech Help For New Bloggers from the previous New Quilt Bloggers blog hops. It is extensive and has been a great resource for me. I think I read every article!

I daydreamed about being in the next New Quilt Bloggers blog hop and when I saw the announcement that the 2017 registration for it was open, I heard a voice say “you go girl!” (turns out that was me talking to me) and so I did! When I got the email welcoming me to the group, I was so excited I could have pinched someone!!! (and not too hard, I’ve learned that lesson:). So here I am, a participant in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop!

The three wonderful women co-hosting this year’s blog hop are:

Beth of Cooking Up Quilts

Leanne of she can quilt

Yvonne of Quilting JETgirl

They have each been charged with a bee hive of new bloggers and have shared their time, support and expertise with us all. They believe in nurturing and supporting new quilt bloggers. I am so thankful to them and only hope that one day I can might be able to do the same.

Behind the scenes the entire group was able to talk, share and ask questions to each other. Everything from blog aesthetics to tech help was covered. We can talk to the entire group or within our hive and even had small critique groups to provide each other with direct and friendly feedback. Friends helping friends in this vast blogging world :)

It is worth visiting/following our hosts awesome blogs and there is a great giveaway during each of the four blog hop weeks by the sponsors of this hop too.

I am in Beth’s hive and we voted to brand it tada…

Better Blogger’s Hive


Now, I introduce my four fellow Better Bloggers Hivers who are posting today as well:

Jan of Cocoa Quilts
Sarah of 9658 Textiles
Yanicka of Finding myself as an artist
Vanda of Quilt in Piece

I must also mention the first group of ladies from the hive who posted last Monday and who deserve a loud shout out for setting a high standard for the rest of us:

Jess of  Sew Jess Handmade
Rachel of Rachel Lance Making a beautiful life
Abigail of cut&alter
Rose of something rosemade

If you are looking for new, fresh and creative quilting blogs to follow, I recommend visiting any one or all of them.

Like many of you, my mother talk me how to sew. Our first project was this little doll cut from a pre-printed fabric pattern. Oh I just love her ♥

Doll circa 1975

Fast forwarding many (many, many) years later…In my forties still sewing here and there, I decided I should make a quilt like I have always wanted to do.

I have always preferred making my own designs to following patterns (translation: I tend to wing it and not follow instructions!) This has its pros and cons of course.

  • Pro: At first I started making little raw edge applique quilted wall hangings that I love and feel are totally uniquely me.
Raw Edge Applique Mini Quilts
Raw Edge Applique Mini Quilts

Raw Edge Applique Mini Quilts

  • Con: I am hopeless with exact measurements and things like even seams! But I still longed to make a bed quilt that looked like a “real” quilt with blocks and all. I cut the fabric and hoped it would all go together. It did (just no close up of the corner points here!) It provides a reminder of where I started and it is well worn from much snuggling use.
My first quilt
My first quilt

So this is when I decided to focus on actually learning the basics of quilting. I read blogs, watched videos and googled the interwebs a lot! I also joined my local Modern Quilt Guild, and was enthralled by the quilts that members brought in to show. Going a quilt guild and starting a blog was new (and a tad scary) but it opened a door for me to a whole new wonderful world.

Now I am at a place where I am not “winging it” but focusing on the task before me. Where I used to rush through steps that I found not as fun as sewing, I am now taking time and enjoying them. Measuring, ironing and cutting fabric have all become a form of meditation for me. I get the bigger picture; every part is a part of the process. Perspective can be hard to change or it can just change for you. Both make up the balance of life, love and art. Wow, I think I actually got some zen going on !!!

I have sewn several baby quilts and have made and am working on traditional and not so tradition quilt blocks. The improvement I have made inspires me to keep on going…up,up,up!

Wonky Star Blocks
MQG Wonky Star Blocks
MQG baby blanket
MQG charity project: D9P baby blanket
BabyDoll Quilt Pinwheels
Babydoll quilt with Pinwheel blocks

Hey thanks so much for stopping by and spending some time with my quilting journey. It’s a young one that I see growing old with me. Sparkle on y’all! I know we can!!!  ~Abbie

Abbie&Bean 2017

48 thoughts on “2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

  1. While I’m reading this, I have Bean’s lookalike on my lap, hogging the heat from my heating pad. :) I loved seeing your first project, the doll you made with your mom. What a treasure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Abbie, I love that you use each quilt as a measure of your growth. Reading that you have slowed down and enjoy each step resonated with me – I used to rush just to finish a quilt too. Slowing down makes the process so much more enjoyable! Thanks for sharing your story!


  3. Abbie, I love the name of your blog. We had similar thoughts on joining this group. I was thrilled too. Glad to meet you and look forward to joining you on this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am so glad that you are part of the blog hop this year, Abbie! You go girl! :) Seriously, I am in awe of your free form introduction into quilting and love getting to know how we all get into the craft. Improv is something that usually is hard to learn and it is just where you started; I think that is wonderful.


  5. It’s been so much fun getting to know you. Love that you are free spirited and just go for it. I’m especially glad of that voice that told you to just go for it and do the New Quilters Blog Hop. I’ve met so many great quilters this year and last year through the hop. Can’t wait to learn more about you!


  6. Hi Abbie, thanks for sharing your journey! It’s great that you started off doing your own thing, the applique quilts with the animal faces drawn on is really adorable! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.


  7. Nice to meet you Abbie! I love the meditative quality of quilting. When I just enjoy the process instead of rushing it is so rewarding! I love your wonky star blocks, so adorable.


  8. I love love love your minis. I’m glad you found your tribe with the Modern guild you joined and like you I found blogging really scary at first. It was great to get to know you in this post.


  9. Hi Abbie. I hopped over from Blooming Quilters. This was my week to post too.

    Great to meet you. I love your story and quilts. I have to say that someone who is new, you have an eye for colors. Keep it up!

    Oh I am smiling big seeing picture of you and Bean. He’s got that look “what are you looking at?” LOL


  10. Hi Abbie, you definitely “sparkled” with your post. You and I both have similar blog beginnings and glad I met you through the Blog Hop. I love your “art” quilts and I encourage you to continue being creative with your quilting. I do love the traditional way of quilting, probably fueled with having too much fabric, but sometimes you just have to do stop and make that special quilt. Thanks for sharing and we’ll stay in touch.


  11. Hi Abbie, I enjoyed reading your post. Those wonky stars are just too fun! I hope to make them someday, they are on my list, my really long list of projects I want to make! Bean is a very handsome fellow.

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  12. Morning Abbie – I am certainly with you on the winging it side of things. Even if I do sometimes have a pattern I can never follow it exactly! It’s so exciting to be part of a group that inspires you isn’t it? Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you.


  13. You and Bean are adorable, Abbie! I love your raw edge applique, too. It’s so much fun getting to know everyone.

    The one good thing about quilting by myself (for the largest part) is that I’m much more accurate than I am in a class. I get so distracted by conversation and fun at a gathering that I rarely get much done.

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  14. wow! your raw edge applique is awesome! I love it! very you! I also love the look bean is giving in the picture :) thank you for sharing your work , I am enjoying following along Abbie :)


  15. Glad to have you on the blog hop and I hope you will spend many years enjoying quilting like I have. I have made so many wonderful friends in the quilt community both online and in the real world. I know you will too!


  16. Hi Abbie, lovely to meet you and share your quilting story. Its always interesting to know how people get started on their quilting journey. I love your honesty and style of writing and would love to see the progress you make in future.


  17. Hi Abbie! I’m with you on the “no closeups so you can’t see that my points don’t match!” I have much to much fun to worry about that sort of thing. I love your raw edge minis! I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!


  18. It’s great to meet you, Abbie, and see your lovely quilts! Your pinwheel baby quilt is so charming! I love pinwheels and use them so often when designing. I look forward to following you on your quilting journey and seeing your new creations.

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  19. A late ‘Hello’ Abbie, and welcome to the addictive world of the quilt blogger. It sounds like you have already learned one of quiltings greatest secrets, it is meditative, it soothes you when you are fraught and will always be your friend, in times of trouble. We quilt because we have to. Enjoy your quilting journey.

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  20. Hi, Abbie!

    I came over to reread your post because I didn’t have time to comment the first time. What jumped me is your positivity and sense of humour in your post. I liked how you described the changes in yourself and how you learned to enjoy steps you used to dread. I can really relate to that! You make the cutest minis. I have always wanted to make little birds like that, with black thread outlines. You did those with FMQ, right? Anyway, I will certainly be back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks so much! Your thoughts about my blog really mean a lot to me. I’m happy you like the minis. I did FMQ (emphasis on “free” as in still learning to control where the stitches go)..the tiny birds are a bit of a shortcut as I drew around them with a sharpie then tacked with a few stitches (this is just between you and me and the Internet ;) I would suggest starting with bigger birds, mine are probably not even an inch big. Its been a pleasure meeting you through the hop!

      Liked by 1 person

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