Summer Nights

Peaceful Summer Nights

My Summer Star quilt top is (almost) finished! It measures 56″x64″ right now without a border.

I think it will look refreshing and calm on a hot summer night. Hmmm but maybe a tad warm underneath it though? But hey summer nights can have a chill and we love to have the windows open for that fresh breeze!

Summer Star Quilt
Summer Star Quilt

I am going to use all that white to practice my free motion quilting.  

I have done some free style meandering FMQ on a few smaller projects but this will give me a chance to learn a repetitive design, especially around the boarder I am going to add (guess what color?:)  Just looking for some beginners designs now. Maybe waves or big loopty loops around the edges? I have not a clue what to do with main part of quilt that you see in the picture. Any input is welcome and appreciated; suggestions, advice or share your FMQ adventures!

Thanks! ~Abbie ✨

Post Script: The graphic of the “Summertime Cat on Roof” is actually a stamp image I found on Who knew you could custom design your own U.S. Postage stamps?!

31 thoughts on “Summer Nights

  1. I’m not fabulous at cramming a quilt through my domestic machine, but I’d highly recommend going to visit
    She has some great designs and tutorials!

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    1. I know, it is just not enough space with my machine but I’ll focus on edges and maybe just stitch in the ditch around stars. Thank you for the site reference, I book marked her..just love all her cute&pretty designs and there is beginner help too Yea!

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  2. I love your Summer Stars quilt and cannot wait until we see it quilted. I am in my ‘star phase’ of quilting right now and haven’t met a star quilt that I didn’t like. :) I live in Central Florida and a light weight quilt is important to me also. Maybe a lighter batting will work. (I love the layout of your blog. Very bright and happy.)

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  3. This is beautiful and I love the way the sun gives it a stain glass look. With all that negative space it will be a great canvas to practice some free motion quilting. My advice would be to try a few things on a quilt sandwich and see what feels most comfortable to stitch. I’ve always found loops to be a great place to start.

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    1. Hi Tish, Thank you so much for your comment and compliment. When I hung it in the window I thought the same thing! It gave me the idea to make some “stained glass” window curtains, like for a kitchen window. Thank you for the FMQ advice too, I am going to take it 😊


  4. Alongside The Inbox Jaunt, you can also check “The free motion quilting project” by Leah Day. She has a huge gallery of designs with video tutorials. I’m sure in both pages you will find what you need ;-)

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    1. Thanks so much! Good idea, I remember I watched a Leah Day video when I fist decided to try FMQ and she was the one that gave me the push to try. She said we all make mistakes, but just take the plunge and have fun! 😃


  5. This is beautiful Abbie. A good flowing design to learn is the paisley motif/echoed pearls/swirly pearls – it’s basically a tear drop/pearl shape which you then echo around two, three, four times – i fact you can echo to get to where you need to be next and it can be done in any direction!

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    1. Hi Abigail! Thanks so much for the ideas, I truly appreciate it. I am going to look up the
      designs you mention. Paisley sound so pretty, and I have seen echoing, it adds
      so much texture and enhances the design. I would have forgotten to even consider so thanks for that too!


  6. Hi Abbey. Johanna Masko who is a quilt teacher in my part of the world has quilted a queen size quilt on a domestic machine with a small space so it can be done. Stephanie of Late Night Quilter has some quilt videos on u tube I’m not sure if they are on a long arm or a domestic.

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    1. Hi Lisa! Your input is so appreciated. It is so nice to know there are experienced quilters who FMQ on their domestic, on a queen size no less! It is a challenge! I am going to get some quilt clips to help with the bulk. I’ll check out Stephanie too. Thank you 😃


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