Backing it up

I had a colorful polka dots on white background kinda fabric pictured in my mind for the backing for my Summer Nights star quilt.

But sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for. Joann Fabrics (my only fabric store nearby) was a no dice. All the “I must have this” wide patterned fabric online was the same result. I even played around with designing my own and then went to Spoonflower (my attempt at design below) Oh, their site is so much fun that I added fabric designer to my dream careers but right now too much moola for my budgeta!

Polka dots and stars design by Abbie
Dots and Stars e-doodle

So after all that, gosh no wonder it takes me so long to finish a project, a solution: Having seen some of you use multiple pieces of fabrics for a backing, I felt inspired to try too with fabrics I already had.

This is the backing for my Summer Nights star quilt so far. I’m going to add a strip of white fabric to the top and bottom to get the correct height. It is not exactly what I envisioned and but it has the right vibe and now I can call it a “reversible quilt” upon completion :)

Summer quilt back

The circle fabric is cut from a twin sheet I bought at Goodwill for $2. The solids I had a yard each of that I got on super discount at Walmart (eek) for $2/yd.

Do you use scraps or pieces of fabrics for your quilt backs? I’d like to know and I hoping all is well in your material world!



13 thoughts on “Backing it up

  1. Your backing looks great! Yes, I occasionally use left-overs for my backings. What I find interesting is that my 30 (something-ish) daughter often thinks the backs are nicer than the fronts … go figure! :-)

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  2. Always frustrating when you have an idea in your head for fabric and then you can’t find the fabric. Haha. Been there, done that! I like your pieced backing — so bright and cheerful! I haven’t done many pieced backings of different fabrics, but I like the look.

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  3. Abbie — I love your pieced backing! The Goodwill find makes me smile. I try to reuse as much as possible, but I still feel guilty when I forget and buy something new. Great job!

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    1. Hi Tierney, yes Spoonflower is such a cool idea and definitely worth exploring. It was easy enough to set up an account too. I’m a library regular too, going to see about spoonflower book at next trip, thank you!


  4. Love, love, love your Dots and Stars design! It is so bright, cheery, yet simple.
    You have a great career ahead of you as a designer.
    My aunt used sheets to make drapes, and as pieces in other products.
    I like the idea of using sheets for piecing a backing.
    I used the remaining pieces of my dad’s shirts to make the backing.
    I like using any remnants to piece the backs of my quilts.
    There are a few that I have chosen one fabric for backing.
    I love your ideas. Keep on sharing!

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    1. Hi Chela! Thank you so much. You are so supportive, I truly appreciate it.
      l love your ideas too, like the quilt and bag you made with your Dad’s shirts, special ways to remember him. I always enjoy your posts :)
      I never thought about drapes, perfect idea!

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  5. Chela, I do use scraps for my backs but often have a limit to how much I will piece it! I am in a stash busting, UFO mode so I really try to buy little new for quilts (and I work in a fabric store). Great job on coming up with a back.

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