Measuring it Up

Theses two measuring tapes were gifts given to me by my sister and a good friend independently of each other! I think they know me quite well :) Handcrafted free trade items from Ten Thousand Villages, they each have their own personality. I call them Bean and Sara:


Bean and Sara

I just love to push those buttons in their middles and hear that whirl…snap!!! The tapes that is, if I pushed the real kitties bellies i would hear a growl….hisssss.

I am still picking FMQ designs for my quilt in progress. Rephrased I am getting up the courage to just let go and go for it! Thank you to everyone who gave me tips, ideas and direction for FMQ the summer quilt.

~Abbie ✨

14 thoughts on “Measuring it Up

  1. I’m thinking your kitties would love chasing the measuring tape when it’s being zapped back into Bean and Sara’s bellies. Actually, I’m surprised that they haven’t been absconded by them.

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  2. Just take a deep breath (or a few) and begin! Pick a part that seems easy, often for me it is just in the ditch to stabilize so I don’t have to have so many pins when quilting. Sometimes then it gives you the courage to move on.

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