You can’t take it with you…

…and that’s an order!

We’re moving! Goodbye apartment living and hello house!

So it’s time to face uncovering all the things in every nook, cranny and closet. Oops don’t forget under the bed too! So, how do I let go of the “guilty clutter?” I feel guilt about giving away gifts, objects that are “supposed” to be sentimental and yes even anthropomorphized stuffed animals!!!

The simple answer to the question “Does this (insert thing here) bring me joy?” when wavering between the keep or donate box has helped me enormously. (a la Marie Kondo)There really is freedom in letting go and in cherishing what you love.

I came upon this article from that really helped me. If she can feel unburdened by donating her mother’s wedding china to a thrift store, surely I can part with the cookie jar stowed in a cupboard from a former friend!

I also found reassurance and inspiration from fellow blogger, Tierney of tierneycreates You can read her posts about her personal experiences under the category “My Topics”…”My Minimalism Journey” on her blog. In addition to her beautiful quilting and artistry, her blog is also full of wisdom and adventure.

At 46 years old I will be living in my first house (besides my childhood one) and we are so nervous and happy and full of home improvement plans it makes my head spin 😜

D and me in front of our new home

The last thing I be packing besides our cats (safely into their carriers of course!) is my sewing machine. Oh and for sure, they all will be the first to be unpacked in the new pad! ~Abbie ✨

Sara 2017
Sara says “You are NOT getting rid of my mouse!”

26 thoughts on “You can’t take it with you…

  1. I hope you love your new house. I bought my house along with my husband when I was about the same age as you are now. I was also excited and very nervous…stressed out nervous….but it’s been wonderful and I still love my house.

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    1. Hi Lisa, thank you! That is so neat that we share a similar experience. Yes, I am totally stressing but tell myself that part is temporary, the reward is the home. I am sure that I will feel the same as you about yours 😀


  2. Good luck with your new house. It is a journey you will never be sorry you started. There is such a joy and feeling of contentment you get from owning your own house. (Think about this each time you look at your chores list and smile.)

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  3. I am so excited for you, getting to be in your first house! It brings back good memories for me. You are wise to cull through things, but it takes time, doesn’t it? I shudder to think of what I’d have to cull through if we were to move. Yikes! That look on Sara’s face definitely says not to mess with her mouse! Haha.

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  4. Congratulations Abbie, how exciting to be moving into your first house. I hope there is nice space for you to create. I think you got the moving thing right, unpack the kitties first and then your sewing machine. Enjoy!

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  5. I found it really difficult to get rid of gifts people had given me when we moved. But we only moved temporarily (my brother still lives in the house and we are renting out the other rooms atm) so luckily (or unluckily?) I just put the difficult things in boxes in the garage! I hope the move goes purrfectly!

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