Free Motion Moving

All this moving!

As a stress buster break from house moving, I am moving along with quilting my Summer Nights quilt. After finishing the borders with a star pattern (that I have to admit as a beginner I struggled with) I decided to quilt the rest of the top in a meandering free style swirly “C” design. It is based on the tutorial by Laura A. Coia who hosts the youtube channel SewVeryEasy. This style of FMQ is oh so such much easier on my brain!

I boxed myself in, in a few spots hence the tangle of swirls in spots but overall I like it. My suggestion for future quilting is to make the C swirls larger and more spread apart. One of the tricky parts of FMQ for me is thinking ahead while concentrating on the present sewing.

Another bit of happiness to share is this pic of my first “patio garden” cucumbers. I grew the plant from seed and it has been so fun to watch it emerge, grow, then flower, then spy a baby cucumber and then have a tasty cuke and mayo sandwich to eat for lunch today!


Hope all is well and sparkily with you ~Abbie 🌟

10 thoughts on “Free Motion Moving

      1. My garden is dead. We hit 101 degrees today. My sister has better luck with gardens. Well, its more than luck, she works at it. She grows tomatoes, peppers, mints and herbs, onions, squash and cucumbers. She and my younger sister got the green thumbs in the family.

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  1. Abbie, this is all lovely! I, too, am moving and then the dog was bitten by another dog. It has been an unproductive couple of days. Hubby is out of town for a few, so my productivity should soar. Quilting not until after stage 1 of the move at the end of the month!


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