Anne’s Fabric

My sister Anne brought this present back for me from her and her husband’s recent vacation to Costa Rica. It is a large bed spread sized piece of beautiful designed fabric.


She said you could sew something from it or use it as a “hippie wall hanging.” Oh I laughed at that, a throwback to our younger years!

Speaking of throwbacks, she also gave me this beautiful hand dyed batik fabric she brought home from Africa circa 1990. She said “I am sure you can find a way to use it more than I have in the last 20+ last years.” I haven’t measured it yet but there has to be over 5 yards of it!


Isn’t it beautiful?


She even still had the merchant’s card with it. Mon Francais est tres pauvre so I went to google translation for some help!

“Trader at the market”
“Sale of fabrics of all kinds”
-List of fabric types-

Anne went to Cape Verde, an island off the coast of Africa for a college study abroad program and she would call home collect to ask me what was happening on “Beverly Hills 90210.” This was in that the pre-cell phone days when long distance calls were charged by the minute, international calls being a small fortune. Yikes! to think we thought it was worth the major moolah to talk about that between continents!

I can’t wait for the perfect project to use it for (perhaps a quilt for her and her husband?) If you have any thoughts of what you would make from either of these fabric, I would love to hear them.

Anne and Abbie
Anne and Abbie circa 1980

~Abbie ✨

28 thoughts on “Anne’s Fabric

  1. Sisters are a strange and wonderful thing, aren’t they? I’d do anything for mine, and she’s done so much for me over the years! No one can get under my skin quite the way she does, either.

    I think maybe layering the big elephant fabric with a batting and some backing would make wonderful free motion quilting practice!


  2. This fabric is just gorgeous. You will have fun planning and using both pieces. Of course, your idea is exactly where I was going with the large piece, but now I am thinking you shouldf find a way to incorporate sisters and a 90210 reference and even make the same thing for both of you?

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  3. Oh, I think I have to agree with Kathleen on the 90210 reference! I was thinking of maybe quilts for each of you, or, if you are brave, maybe making a fun bohemian skirt for each of you out of that lovely batik fabric. At any rate, both pieces are really such fun! Lucky you!

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  4. Beautiful fabric! In our first apartment back in our hippie days, we had a golden piece of fabric from India hanging on our wall. There was also the home made macrame pot holders. The wall hanging lived on when my son used it in his first apartment.
    I love the idea of a bohemian skirt.
    I sent you Pinterest wall with some African quilt designs.

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