Summer Nights Quilt Finished!

My “Summer Nights Quilt” is finished!


I was inspired by “Falling Stars” quilt by Patrick Lose. I purchased the digital pattern from Fons and Porter and followed the pattern for the flying geese stars from it. I ended up making some smaller stars too and then omitting some of the pattern pieces and designing my own layout.

I spent an inordinate amount of time doing so and looking back at my graph paper and notes, I can’t help think “What were you doing girlfriend???” Hmmm, next time I might opt to actually follow a pattern!!!


My main goal in making this quilt was to free motion machine quilt the whole thing (and delve into pattern design apparently!?!) According to my numerous scrallings, it is 67″ x  84 1/2″ finished. (Hmmmm again)

My words of encouragement to other FMQ beginners are; it takes a lot of practice, expect to get frustrated. And then you still won’t be all out ecstatic with your results, but will be happily content with your progress. Onwards and upwards I say!

I have described this quilt’s FMQ journey in some of my past posts; your practice will pay off when you get free motion moving and do hit your free motion mojo.These links show some (carefully selected) close-ups.

Thank you to everyone that has given me tips and encouragement through this (prolonged) quilt project.

We moved this summer, so I’m giving myself a break it wasn’t done sooner. With October here in Pennsylvania being unusually warm, it works out fine. Right now,  we don’t need more than this quilt at night. 💫

I am linking up with Pieceful Sunday a new linky party by April Adams at JANDA Bend Quilts and also with Jennifer Fulton’s party  Wednesday Wait Loss. at The Inquiring Quilter.

Sparkiling On! Sincerely Abbie ✨


28 thoughts on “Summer Nights Quilt Finished!

  1. This is such a great summery quilt. The back is another quilt in itself. I need to go off and check out your FMQ posts. Someday I’ll try FMQ, maybe next year.

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  2. So much to celebrate! First a quilt finish. For me they are far between, so time for a happy dance! Let’s also celebrate your courage and persistence in quilting this yourself. As you say, it’s not easy to be a beginner and really all that’s needed is to not be too judgemental and to simply keep going. The results here are lovely! So cheers to you! And you got it done by summer’s end, so there you go! Win, win, win! Thank you for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jennifer! It means a lot to me :) and I will keep them in mind as I go forward. With persistence and the joy I get from sewing, I have seen so much progress in my quilting. The QAL has been a gift for me in that way too, learning and learning and having fun!


  3. Oh! I forgot your foray into designing! I totally encourage that. Don’t follow a pattern–follow your heart. Congratulations! Your quilt is lovely.

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