House on the Hill


Last year I made Duane, who loves Halloween and has a birthday in October, Vlad the Vampire mug rug from a free pattern by Grey Barn Designs. So this year I decided to make it a tradition and made him another mug rug I named “The House on the Hill.” (We live on Hill St. and as D says “it is aptly named.”)

Although not a terribly original concept, I did design and draw all the appliqué pieces myself.

I intended to free motion quilt the orange fabric with some eerie squiggles but as I straight stitched outlined the appliqués, I decided to just keep on going with no plan just the flow! I really like how it turned out.

Here is the back view. This fabric from Joann’s touts that the eyes glow in the dark, and they do! Makes you feel like a kid again when you turn out the lights to test it out.


Our alpaca “Paccie” came down from his hill in Peru for a sip of tea. He says “Don’t you just love this hat that Abbie knitted just for me?” 😉


Happy Halloween from all of us on Hill Street! 👻👻👻

I’m linking this post up with a new linky party, Friday Foto Fun,  by Sherry Swish of Powered by Quilting. 😀


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