In with the New and out with the Old

My first project of the New Year is an easy Irish Chain pattern with solid and nine patch blocks from a free pattern I found on All People Quilt, called “Rhapsody in Blue” by Marinda Stewart. (You may have to be logged into their site to view it)

Only 50 some more to go!

The photo of this block was taken on the seat of a big fabric upholstered chair that we inherited with our new house. An original of the 1950’s era that was as if it had been preserved in a time capsule along with a “Pepto Bismol” color pink chair and sofa. As cool as it sounds, the unilateral decision was to part with all the furniture in the room. This summer we called a local thrift store charity who came with a truck to collect our donation. The tealish chair was not taken because the foam stuffing had become to hard and therefore not sellable. Hence it still resides with us.

What became of the rest of the set we donated? Well, we called again with more things for the charity to collect and the volunteer told us that they have a connection with a set designer scout in NYC who is always looking for good condition “period pieces,” who they then called and sold both pieces to be used….on a major television show!  He didn’t know which one but we thought that was so cool all the same.

I don’t watch much TV  so I can’t  think of what show it would end up in, can you? Maybe a retro sitcom?

This room is screaming 😱 “Make me over!”

We have painting all the 1970’s era dark brown paneling, starting on the main level with contemporary HDTV colors like “Sweet Sand” and “Fresh Cream,” (slowly but surely) working our way down to this den. We are envisioning this room in a soft green perhaps “Sea Mist” or “Iced Pistachio.” However do they continue to come up with these names!?! 😉

The past few weeks I have had to shift my blogging energy elsewhere but want to say that I‘ve been following along with all of you in spirit, if not words.

~Abbie 💕✨

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26 thoughts on “In with the New and out with the Old

  1. That is so cool your furniture will be famous! We recently donated our old sofa sectional and recliner to a charity thrift shop but no one would have wanted them on any TV show, ha!

    So all you have to show us a one block, ha! Just teasing – wishing you much luck and much fun with your decorating adventures!

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  2. I saw your post come up, and worried that I had been missing it! So glad to hear from you again. So your pink furniture is famous, eh? Pretty cool! I think I’d rather be left with the teal chair than the pink stuff (not a pink fan, much). If the chair were here, I would leave it out by the highway with a “free” sign on it, and one of our local college students would snap it up! Haha. That little block is so pretty and will make a lovely quilt!

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    1. Aww, thanks Wendy!
      Yes, we did our happy dance when they said they’d take the pink stuff!
      A college town is perfect for getting rid of things, it is amazing what kids will take. We may have to try craigslist, you haul it, it’s free, for this beast of a chair(we are too lazy to move it to the curb)😋

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  3. I love that the pink sofa went to an interesting home! I don’t watch a lot, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I love the colors in the 9 patch/Irish chain. Look forward to seeing more of it!

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  4. OMG — you will now become one of my stories in the loosely titled collection called “friends who have had near brushes with fame”! That furniture has great style, but I would have donated it too :)

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