The Tale of Two Fabrics

Since I wanted to get started my “Rhapsody in Blue” quilt right away that I disregarded the fact the Joanns only had one yard of this fabric left in the store.

Keepsake Calico Blue Hyacinth


I mean they will restock the bolt or I can get it online, right? Well, the answer is no, it’s no longer available 😭

But I have already made 20 nine patch blocks with it, so I went to Hobby Lobby and tried to pick something “close.” I came home with enough yardage for whole quilt of this:



The new fabric has a brighter white background, making the other I’m afraid appear dull. These photos show the two fabrics as blocks (not the most accurate in color.)



I guess I could give in to the fact that I really want the white with blue print squares to be the same in the entire quilt and start over…Ughhh!  Or keep going and be okay with a patchwork “variety” quilt and use both print fabrics? What would you do?

Quilt pattern photo from

Thanks everyone and maybe the best advice would to not over think it?!!! 🤪

~Abbie ✨

24 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Fabrics

  1. Definition of rhapsody

    plural rhapsodies
    1 : a portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation
    2 archaic : a miscellaneous collection
    3 a (1) : a highly emotional utterance (2) : a highly emotional literary work (3) : effusively rapturous or extravagant discourse
    b : rapture, ecstasy
    4 : a musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character

    After reading this definition of the word, rhapsody, I believe your idea of a variety patchwork fits the name of your quit.

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  2. Hmm. My initial thought was tea-dying, but not something I have ever done! It might be just the trick. I do think you can combine them if you use others that help bridge the difference. It will work if you want it too!

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  3. I am more times than not, guilty of starting something then discovering I can no longer get the fabrics…worst feeling ever. I would be tempted to just use both of them. Seeing them side by side in the pictures they look great together. Twenty already made blocks is a lot to remake.

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    1. Hi Tracy, Thank you for helping me. 😊I was thinking of a smaller throw to make with the extra and I love your placemat idea.
      I keep going back and forth about it and could probably have started over and be done by now 😋🤪


  4. Totally depends on how much you think it will bother you once the quilt is done. Personally, I like them both and think they look good together and would combine them. But I’m not the one who will live with it on my bed :)

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  5. Have you thought about asking for the first fabric on Instagram and see if anyone had a piece they are willing to part with? I have also bought fabric, thought I could wait to buy more and lost out. Frustrating feeling. I think you could make the two fabrics work together. I agree that 20 blocks is a lot to have to do over!

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  6. Oh Abbie, how annoying! I feel your fabric pain. I’m sure you’ve checked ebay? Sometimes you can get fabrics there that are no longer current. If it was me, I would buy a third fabric that is different from the first but co-ordinates with it and do the remainder of the blocks with that. Buying more fabric is a solution I come up with for most of my problems though . . .

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    1. Thank you Sandra! I am sorry you feel my pain cause it is so frustrating 😜 My ebay search was unsuccessful. I was thinking of adding a third print but I think the ladies at the fabric store need a break from me 😉 although there’s nothing like a reason to buy more fabric!!


  7. I think it would still look great as both but I know if I wasn’t happy with something no amount of reassuring from other people would change my mind so, rather unhelpfully, it’s up to you!

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