Mystery QAL project coming together…

My progress to report for the Mystery Quilt Along hosted by Tracy of It’s a T-Sweets Day! and Cindy of In a Stitch Quilting, is that I have decided what I am going to make!

The “challenge fabric,”  Biscuits and Gravy Fluffer Nutter You Be You, is linear and geometric in design, so it took me a bit to adjust to it. Then I had the lightbulb 💡 I ordered 1/4” of it in gray plus another perfect fabric for my idea, both of which I found in an Etsy shop, I included her card in the pic because I think it is so cute! *I’ll add that the package arrived very quickly*



The rest of the fabrics I am going to use will come from my scrap stash at home.

Definitely will be using some green :)

I am not revealing much only because I haven’t started sewing but it will be a small wall hanging including raw edge appliqué from sketches I am drawing now.

I’m excited to make what I have pictured in my mind. Thanks for stopping by and check out the hostesses’ blogs, there is still plenty of time to join along.

✨ Also, I read this article in the NYT and wanted to share it with you, Don’t Tell Ken Burns that Quilts are Quaint. It is so neat to learn of people you may never have expected appreciate the beauty and art of quilts. Of his favorite quilt, he saysI would not trade it for a $25 million painting by you-name-the-artist,”  WOW! 😀

~Abbie ✨



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