A case of the Fabric Crazies!

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on my “Rhapsody in Blue” quilt fabric crisis.

I really needed and appreciated all of your input. It helped me feel grounded to continue this project as it could have easily have gone down the UFO path! 🛸

So when I arranged and rearranged the two different print fabric nine patch blocks that create the Irish chain, it just kept  bugging me they didn’t match.

Nine patch blocks

I didn’t feel a scrappy vibe from using just two different floral prints and even contemplated adding a third print (Loud inner-voice: Nooooo please don’t go there!)

So final decision: I started over. Now, I have almost all of the blocks made and cut and soon will assembling the rows 😀


This pattern is quick and assembly line easy, so I decided to (not) cut my losses and use the  extra nine patch blocks of the original fabric as many of you suggested, to make something else.

I learned for my next future “big quilt project”:

  • First, have all the fabric needed for the quilt.
  • Going back and forth really just makes your head hurt and can waste precious sewing time.
  • Either way, your choice is fine.

and *Step away!  I took a break and had so much fun finishing my crazy patchwork fabric project. Here are my little Valentine heart pillow gifts. They make my heart sing 🎶


This one, however, is a keeper!

Crazy Heart mini pillow

Thanks again and Happy V-Day to you! 💝 ~Abbie 💫

I’m linking up with Powered by Quilting’s Friday Foto Fun and JANDA Bend Quilts Pieceful Sunday.



19 thoughts on “A case of the Fabric Crazies!

  1. Love your little Valentines cushions, Abbie, they’re adorable. It would be a lovely project to do with beginners. I’m always looking out for such projects since my eldest daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas!!

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  2. You were smart – you knew you did not like making it scrappy and you decided this early on – so you started over to make something you do like! Hey we have all started pieces without enough fabric only to discover later (sometimes much later or too late!) :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes that one is definitely a keeper. Sometimes I dither as well and sometimes it takes me so long to make/finish a quilt that I find I’ve used some part of the fabric in something else whoops!

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