A case of the Fabric Crazies!

Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on my “Rhapsody in Blue” quilt fabric crisis.

I really needed and appreciated all of your input. It helped me feel grounded to continue this project as it could have easily have gone down the UFO path! 🛸

So when I arranged and rearranged the two different print fabric nine patch blocks that create the Irish chain, it just kept  bugging me they didn’t match.

Nine patch blocks

I didn’t feel a scrappy vibe from using just two different floral prints and even contemplated adding a third print (Loud inner-voice: Nooooo please don’t go there!)

So final decision: I started over. Now, I have almost all of the blocks made and cut and soon will assembling the rows 😀


This pattern is quick and assembly line easy, so I decided to (not) cut my losses and use the  extra nine patch blocks of the original fabric as many of you suggested, to make something else.

I learned for my next future “big quilt project”:

  • First, have all the fabric needed for the quilt.
  • Going back and forth really just makes your head hurt and can waste precious sewing time.
  • Either way, your choice is fine.

and *Step away!  I took a break and had so much fun finishing my crazy patchwork fabric project. Here are my little Valentine heart pillow gifts. They make my heart sing 🎶


This one, however, is a keeper!

Crazy Heart mini pillow

Thanks again and Happy V-Day to you! 💝 ~Abbie 💫

I’m linking up with Powered by Quilting’s Friday Foto Fun and JANDA Bend Quilts Pieceful Sunday.


19 thoughts on “A case of the Fabric Crazies!

  1. Yes that one is definitely a keeper. Sometimes I dither as well and sometimes it takes me so long to make/finish a quilt that I find I’ve used some part of the fabric in something else whoops!

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  2. You were smart – you knew you did not like making it scrappy and you decided this early on – so you started over to make something you do like! Hey we have all started pieces without enough fabric only to discover later (sometimes much later or too late!) :-)

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  3. Love your little Valentines cushions, Abbie, they’re adorable. It would be a lovely project to do with beginners. I’m always looking out for such projects since my eldest daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas!!

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