Mixing it up!

“Rhapsody in Blue” quilt top finished and layers almost all pinned into place….yippee! 🎉

Single Irish Chain quilt

I’m sorting through some mixed fabric emotions. I can say now that I wish the lightest blue blocks, which are in reality more of a blue purple-ish gray, were a brighter truer blue. There is also some troubling puffiness with this fabric, most likely due to its inexpensive nature (my polite way of saying cheap!).  Oh well! 🤪

My fabric mixture includes Kona, Timeless Treasures, and assorted chain store brands. Do you ever say a word so many time, it starts to sound weird (e.g. mixture)? 🤔

Alas, it is one of those “I’ll be happy to be done” projects so I can move on. It’s not you Quilt, it’s me. 😉 It will be a nice change for the color scene in the bedroom, though the relationship may not last until summer!

Do you mix fabric quality in one project? I do a lot. Mainly with small projects like table runners and mug rugs. That’s never bugged me, but thinking ahead to my next full size quilt it may. I can’t always justify expanding my fabric budget so I compromise with half and half. But I’m thinking maybe I should try a different tack.


Thank you so much for your support, suggestions and comments.

~Abbie ✨

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34 thoughts on “Mixing it up!

  1. I never used to pay attention to what fabric I was using before I began blogging. I just used what I had on the shelf, or what caught my eye when I was shopping. I still do that, but I’m much more in tune with the designers now, etc.

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  2. I love a bluesy quilt! It looks great. I don’t have a lot of chain store fabric in my stash thanks to early indoctrination into the world of independent quilt shops, but if I use “cheap” stuff I make sure to prewash, which I don’t always do.

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  3. Ah hah! The old “it’s not you, it’s me” line! I will start using it for some of my less favorite quilts. Funny you should mention mixing fabric quality…I’m having that dilemma now. I’ve used some cheaper fabrics because I liked the color…but they are practically transparent! I think I need to purge these from my stash!

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  4. It’s beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about those inexpensive fabrics…I started buying better quality a few years ago, but those older ones sneak into projects now and then still. It reminds me why I am willing to pay more for my fabric.

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  5. Hi Abbie,
    Irish chain quilts are my favorite, and are my go-to pattern most of the time. I’ve made hundreds of them in baby quilt size. I recently made a quilt with fabrics purchased at my LQS or MSQC, but I noticed one of the blues was a much lesser quality than the others. I’m not sure which place it was from, but I sure could notice the difference when I was sewing them. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne!
      I love the Irish chain too! Oh, hundreds of baby quilts, that’s amazing. 😀
      Yes, you can always tell the less expensive fabric, I notice it especially after washing it.
      Thanks for stopping by, I’m enjoying following you blog and seeing all your projects.

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  6. Looking good Abbie! I’m not creative enough to mix the fabrics. I buy a precut group and use it together. Not venturing off that plan unless it is a scrappy thing.

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  7. I like your bluesy quilt! I second-guess my fabric color choices all the time — many quilts have been long-delayed because I have to buy different fabrics. I’m trying to purge lower quality fabrics when I encounter them in my stash — for me, they just aren’t worth the hassle. I’ve had better luck going to the Salvation army and up-cycling good quality linens instead.

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    1. Thanks Sandy!
      I kept justifying running to Joann’s but now not going to (for fabric anyway!) Time to go forward with purging, like you say the cheap stuff is just not worth it.
      And keeping up with the bargain scouting too, you’re a fellow thrift store enthusiast😀

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  8. Don’t let the Rhapsody in Blue give you the Blues. It looks good. It is all part of a fun learning experience.
    I am trying to purge my chain store fabric stash. I have mixed fabric in quilts when I made some super hero quilts, and I needed the TM hero fabric. Blocks with this fabric were kept to a minimum. But, I have way too much chain store fabric leftover from my purse and tote making stage of crafting. I also used it for table mats and runners. I am trying to use it up by making rope baskets.
    The only quilt I am working on at present is my quilt journal. I am buying quilt shop fabric for these blocks. Other than that, I have no real good stash for creating a new quilt. I can’t justify buying fabric without a plan, so, my quality fabric stash is very low.

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    1. Thanks Chela! I definitely learned so much. I put a lot of work into it and finished it (just binding
      now) pretty fast so I’m proud of that.
      I decided to purge too, as I get better at piecing I realize cheap stuff is not worth it. I’ll just buy less but higher quality fabric. Too much stash can be overwhelming anyway 🤪


  9. Having worked in an independent quilt store, I never use cheap fabric for anything. That being said, I think there is a time and place for it, so don’t worry it. How are you quilting it? That might help with some of the puffiness and even change the look of some of the fabric. We learn from our choices, and that’s a good thing. I think its lovely and will work just fine.

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    1. Thanks so much Kathleen!
      I appreciate your positive view on it. I learned so much about choosing fabric color tones and quality with this project. Stash purge time for me! Less fabric but higher quality, it took me awhile to catch on 😋

      I am stitching in the ditch and not sure if I will do more than that!


  10. Love those blues! Thank you for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss. I don’t buy cheap fabric anymore because it causes so many more problems for me. It doesn’t seem to piece well or iron well. It seems to shrink more and fade faster. And sometimes it even bleeds! The cheap stuff I used to buy I’ve tried to use up in projects I didn’t care much about. But it is useful, especially for novelty fabrics I can’t find anywhere else.

    As for acquiring good quality fabrics on a budget, get to know the quilters in your area–they may be willing to sell fabric at a discount or even give it away if it no longer appeals to them. I’ve been to many stash sales as quilters downsize, and it’s a great way to fill out my stash without spending too much.

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    1. Hi Jennifer
      Thanks! I turned a corner with this quilt and am only investing in good fabric going forward.
      You are right about all the problems cheap stuff causes.

      Thanks for sharing your tips to finding quality fabric. Since I started blogging I have learned and received so much from you and your experienced quilters peers. It means a lot to me 😊


  11. Abbie, I love your shades of blue quilt! Blue is one of my top 5 favorite colors! Early on I learned that cheap fabric wasn’t worth the headache. I still buy cheaper fabric to make sample blocks. I tend to not use a pattern for my projects but sketch out things I like so I feel the need to make “test” blocks :)

    I tend to buy premium fabric online and can find some great deals, even with the cost of shipping I still come out cheaper than going to my LQS. With that being said I will purchase backing fabrics from JoAnn’s— I can’t pass up coupons :)

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    1. Thank you Karla!
      Your right, it’s not worth the headache! Until I tried quality fabric I didn’t realize what I was missing. But as you say, cheaper fabric does have its uses.
      Oh I do love Joann’s coupons too. I always find something to buy there! It’s a good place to get notions and holiday decors too. 😃


  12. Thank you Karla!
    Your right, it’s not worth the headache! Until I tried quality fabric I didn’t realize what I was missing. But as you say, cheaper fabric does have its uses.
    Oh I do love Joann’s coupons too. I always find something to buy there! It’s a good place to get notions and holiday decors too. 😃


  13. I like the design of the quilt! I hope this does not sound snobbish but I do not mix fabric qualities and years ago I started only buying high quality quilting fabric (either new or used). With online retailers like Hancocks of Paducah you can find high quality quilting fabrics (like the ones you would find a quilt shop) for the same per yard price as the discount stores like JoAnns. I also find high quality quilting fabric (always checking the selvage to make sure is a name like Moda, Timeless Treasures, Robert Kaufman, Westminster, etc.) at thrift stores. So there are alternatives for getting high quality fabric if shopping at local quilt shops are prohibitive to your pocketbook. Just sharing my thoughts, no judgement implied! :-)

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    1. Thanks Tierney! It doesn’t sound snobbish and I value your opinion:) Joann’s fabric was fine when I first got into quilting, but now that I’m past practicing and taking it more seriously I don’t think I will use cheap fabric at all going forward at all! I have seen the light 😉 It’s good to know I can still find good online deals on a budget. I have yet to make a name brand find at a thrift store, but I am always on the look out 🙂

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