Wonky Log Cabin Mug Rugs

After sewing a big project that takes a long time to finish, I have to make some quick and easy ones.

A fellow blogger and a talented quilter, Karla of My Sewful Retirement, shared a mug rug tutorial with me from Inspired by Fabric, the Wonky Log Cabin.  No pattern required, no exact measurements just fun with scraps!

I love making mug rugs and I’m fond of saying you can never have too many! I use them as coasters, little mats to put knickknacks on, or just leave them lying about to admire. 😊

These two are gifts I made for a couple:

Wonky log cabin block mug rug
Wonky log cabin block mug rug

The binding is not something I’m going to write home about, but I will talk about it with you 😉. They are bound from using the backing fabric, which is cut one inch larger all around than the front and batting pieces.  I used a great tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

I thought it would be a quick and efficient way to finish my fast project, but for me the corners were a bit of a challenge as well as some fabric bunching. Just more practice needed.

“Her’s” has some really crooked binding stitching to which I’m chalking up to late night fatigue.
I contemplated ripping it out, but I decided to call it done. It just gives it that “handmade look,” right?!

And one more…This one is giant and bold! I love it. I used my Kona solid scraps and the back is a bit of pretty quilt shop Nasturtium flower fabric.

Quilted mug rug
Giant Mug Rug!

Mug Rug binding

This one I bound using a single fold bias tape I made, without cutting the fabric on the bias. Does this make sense? I even took the time to hand sew the back. I’m so happy with my corners and it’s overall neat appearance and yes, it’s a keeper! 😋

Daffodils are my favorite flower. Their trumpets play a song of Spring. I’m so happy to have them blooming in the yard now and giving us this pretty bouquet 🌼

I’m curious to know what your favorite flower is?

~Abbie 🌼

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25 thoughts on “Wonky Log Cabin Mug Rugs

  1. Hi Abbie,
    I love the kitties in the center block – they look so cute. I never remember to use the backing as binding technique, but this is the perfect example for using it. I love daffodils as well – mine have not quite opened yet but maybe today. They’ve been covered in ice and snow since almost opening last week. Crazy Spring! ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Roseanne, thank you! I just have one small strip of the kitty fabric left and I’ve been incorporating little bits of it in mug rugs.
      I hope your daffodils bloom soon, it makes it feel like Spring is really coming! Ughh, this has been the weirdest April weather I can remember. Tonight a freeze warning ❄️ Sounds like you are on the east coast too?! 🌼

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  2. Your mug-rugs are so cute…bright and bold.
    My sons kid me about making them so many mug rugs…but they do use them. My favorite flowers are roses. Mom had a backyard filled with different rose bushes. My favorite was a magenta-red rose. I forgot to mention that the corners of your binding are perfect.

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  3. My favorite flower is a sunflower and I love your mug rugs! I have all this scrap batting that I cannot make myself throw out and mug rugs would be a great use for the scrap batting, thanks for the inspiration :-)

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    1. Thanks Tierney! I also used scrap batting to stuff the little heart shaped V-Day pillow I made, a bit lumpy looking but it does the trick!
      Sunflowers are so impressive 🌻My mother told me a funny story, one of her sunflowers bloomed facing her house and she said, “I have a sunflower looking through my window” 😆

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  4. These mug rugs are just so cute! It’s a great way to use up scraps and just have some fun. Are there rules for mug rugs? I don’t think so! My favorite flower is the delphinium…I just have one but baby it all summer.

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  5. Hi Abbie — I love the mug rugs! Thanks for mentioning me :) I love all flowers — what I miss most is spring time on the east coast I always had my flower beds tilled and planted by Mother’s Day. Here in Florida its too hot and too many water restrictions – my friends and family who have visited are amazed that I have no flowers :(

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  6. Oh my goodness that giant mug rug!! Swoon! I have never tried using back binding, must check out the tutorial.
    As for flowers, I love daffodils too but snowdrops are my very favourite flower as they are the heralds of spring.


  7. Very cute! If someone doesn’t appreciate the time and love put into a gift…then that person gets no further gifts from me. I think handmade gifts are great–no worries about perfecting them. 😉❤ i am also working with bright Kona right now. Do you recall the nasturtium fabric mfr? I want to make a block like yours! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Trish,
      Well said! You are so right, I will keep you words in mind when giving my next handmade gift.
      I purchased the Nasturtium fabric several years ago and don’t know the manufacturer. I
      tried to google it and only saw one pic on pinterest labeling it “Berries and Blossoms
      Nasturtium Cotton Fabric” but no leads on where to buy it. I wish I had more info for you.
      Thanks for visiting me 😊 ~Abbie


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