I mentioned that Duane and I would be going to Ireland in a post I published on St. Patrick’s Day. Well we have gone and returned and I want to share some pictures with you of our amazing trip.

My uncle hosted the Danahy family at *I still can’t believe it when I say it* a castle! We stayed at Lough Cutra Castle in County Galway for a week, with 32 family members spanning three generations. Lough Cutra’s extensive history has been traced back to 866 A.D. Historians believe it is quite possible that Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick passed Lough Cutra on his travels as well St. Colman MacDuagh, after whom the local church is named. For more history about the castle and its owners over the years, please visit here.

We had so much fun there; eating, drinking, walking, biking, exploring and well drinking again! These photos include the castle, its grounds and some of its animal residents.

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Although the castle exterior seems imposingly medieval, the interior was warm and inviting, decorated with an amazing array of artwork and resident animal friends!

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D and I did take a few day trips, one to Galway city and one to the Flaggy Shore in the Burren National Park. We also frequently went into town, Gort, 4 kilometers from where the castle is located.

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I found this wonderful video of beautiful photos of Burren Park narrated by Seamus Heaney reading his poem about the Flaggy Shore, Postscript.

We made many new friends in Ireland. It was hard to leave. Yet this was a trip we will always cherish. I’m  happy to be able to share it with you, thank you for visiting!

~Abbie 🇮🇪



15 thoughts on “Ireland

  1. Hi Abbie! Oh, what a fabulous trip. And that castle!!!!! That picture of the long hallway looks SO COOL. And it looks like your room was in a turret?!! We stayed in a castle when we visited Scotland – rumor has it that it was haunted. Anyway, I sure did enjoy your photos as it has been a while since I visited Ireland but would love to return. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne!
      It was so cool. The castle was like no other place I have ever been. It was in a turret, the “West” it was referred to. It’s funny you mention haunted castles, a young Irish girl who worked there was climbing the spiral stairs to check on our room and let out a big shriek!
      When she saw us, she giggled and said “Oh, the west wing does spook me!”

      I hope both of us get to return to Ireland too! 😊

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  2. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and information on the castle and Seamus Heaney. We went to Ireland a few years ago. It is beautiful and the people are friendly.

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  3. This looks like a true trip of a lifetime! Staying in a real castle…what’s not to love! I think the view from your room must have been amazing! It probably feels like a dream now, so glad you have all those pics to remember this wasn’t really a dream!

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  4. I loved reading about your trip! Sounds like you just had the most marvelous time. The Seamus Heaney poem/video is lovely. I do believe my family has some connection to County Clare – I must get this straight someday!

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    1. Thanks Kathleen! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I’ve always loved his poetry and it was so neat to be somewhere he had been and was inspired by.
      It’s such a pleasure to learn about your Irish roots, I do recommend it! 😊


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