I made this pinwheel block table runner just in time to enjoy the end of the season.


Continuing with my solid streak, I used my Kona fabrics and bound it with a cheerful watermelon 🍉 print fabric from my small remaining post purge stash. Some easy straight line quilting completed it!


I’m always impressed with not only number of awesome posts you, my blogging friends publish but also the content, including the photos and sewing projects, in them. This is a goal of mine.

So I’m asking you; How do you balance your blogging time? How much time do you take composing a post, answering comments, visiting and commenting on other blogs and then of course sewing?!!

Inquiring birds and myself would love to know! Thanking you in advance and hope all is sunny in your corner of the world!

~Abbie ☀️🐔🌟



25 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. When I was teaching, I had a teacher blog where I shared weekly lesson plans. I also had a class blog, where I posted daily activities and shared our day with family and friends. This got me in the habit of posting daily. With my Colchas blog, I tend to post daily. I spend about 30-45 minutes posting on my blog and reading and responding to other blogs. I enjoy reading other blogs.

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    1. Thanks Chela! It helps me knowing how others manage their blog time. I tend to think way to long before I post or reply. I’m focusing on being more efficient with my time.
      You were such an interactive teacher, I love that 😊


  2. This table runner is the cutest of all cute! The watermelon binding make this even more cute! This is Cindy speaking… I spend about 1 1/2 hours getting my pictures ready for the blog and then composing the blog. I have been trying to get my posts written a few days ahead of time but, well, life gets in the way and that doesn’t always work. Sandy and I take turns with our blog, and our goal is to post every Monday and Thursday. I like to read other blogs throughout the day, it spreads the joy!

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    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for your compliments 😊
      It’s great to get your blog feedback. I’m finding I spend way to long composing a post and also I need a (flexible) schedule as like you say, life always has a way of getting in the way! 😉
      Gray Barns was one of the first blogs I started following and it’s a pleasure! I like how we get both you and Sandy in one blog. Now if only I could get my sister into quilting, it would be so much more fun 😊

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  3. That little runner is so cheerful and fun. The quilting is just right for it! As to the blogging question, I have an ongoing battle with staying on top of blogging topics. While I like to try to post 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), I’m trying to stay ahead of my posts, but it doesn’t always work that way. I’m learning to let it go if I don’t have three posts for the week, but I do try to get at least one done. Thinking ahead helps, and if I can get some posts drafted ahead of time, that’s always a bonus.

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    1. Wendy,
      Thank you for your compliments! I was happy to have a summer project finished, even if a little one.
      It is so very helpful to get your feedback. I’m going to focus more on planning and getting a schedule for myself.
      It’s a pleasure following your blog, I’ve learned a lot about quilting and blogging from you.
      ~Abbie 😊


  4. I love your table runner and the quilting in the white space is just perfect. How much time – too much – but I am finding out I need to do two things: have an idea of posts for the week and start blogging and putting in pictures long before the entry. That way, the editing of the pics would be done! I would say about an hour per post.

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    1. Thanks Kathleen!
      I think I am spending way to long writing the posts and not planning ahead enough. I spend way longer than an hour! And most of my posts aren’t very long either 🤪
      I really appreciate your feedback! I’m so impressed with how far you’re come with your blog 😊


  5. Hi Abbie! I love your table runner – it is just PERFECT for summer and there are still a few weeks to go. Plus, who wants to move to fall stuff too early?! It is really a fine line balancing act for the blog posts, pictures, visiting, commenting and answering messages. Sometimes I do better at that than others – lately I can barely get three posts together a week. All you can do is all you can do! Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. Love the table runner! And your quilting skills are causing jealous shivers to run down the back of my neck! I’d say it usually takes me about an hour to write a blog post. I like to create the draft in Word — somehow I ‘think’ better without the distraction of all the WordPress formatting options! I always worry that when I’m blogging I should be visiting/learning/commenting and when I’m doing those things I think I should be sewing. I’m a mess — I think I’m not helpful as a resource ;)

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    1. Hi Sandy and thank you!
      You’re funny! I actually chickened out and went with straight lines and just echoing the
      pinwheel shapes rather than free motion.

      Your and Cindy’s posts and quilt sewing would take me many many hours! So impressive.
      You are tres helpful! Merci 😊

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  7. Love it! The colours are so happy and summery. I don’t seem to have much of a problem with the blogging so much as actually reading and commenting on other people’s posts. I want to do it but it always seems I’m a week behind even when I’ve just caught up!

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  8. I love the tablerunner it is very happy!
    As far as balancing blogging time – well for a while it seemed like I had it balanced then BAM – I fell off track. I like what Sandy says about creating a draft in Word, I have done that and it is much less distracting. You could keep a running Word document of posts and post ideas and work on them in the Word document. I wish I could be like Chela and be on top of regular postings – GOALS :-)

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    1. Thanks Tierney!
      I’m always so impressed with your posts. I’m happy to get your input.
      My sister said “You have to use your laptop for blogging, it makes it so much faster & easier.” Including getting organized with Word like you & Sandy do. Time to get out of my rut of using the iPad for posts. 🤪 I feel slow to catch on sometimes!
      I wish I could do half of what Chela does!!!
      Ditto GOALS 😉

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