Felt ornaments

If you like to make Holiday ornaments, this little felt embellished Gingerbread House tutorial from Down Grapevine Lane is adorable! Actually, it is so cute I could hardly stand it and started making it the minute after I saw it!

Felt gingerbread house ornament

My little gingerbread man sure is happy to have a new home. My favorite part of the house is the little red door with a little little wreath.

Felt gingerbread house detail

Enough cuteness for now? Well, I needed more and made another.

Felt beaded gingerbread house ornament

Way back I had a thing for making felt ornaments. I always looked for Bucilla kits on sale after Christmas. I still wear this Santa as a pin each year. Santa hasn’t aged a day though, has he? 😉

I imagine a lot of sewers and crafters have made tree ornaments over the years. I’m curious to know what you  have you made? Felt or otherwise!

~Abbie 🎄🏠🎄

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34 thoughts on “Felt ornaments

  1. My first year as a married woman, I made a Santa and Mrs. Claus pair of crewel stuffed ornaments for our first tree. When my marriage ended, I made sure to take all of my ornaments, and every year these two remind me of that hopeful young woman who made them. I love your Santa pin!

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  2. A few years ago, I made a set of felt Christmas stockings and a set of mittens. Each year, I drape some twine over our patio curtains, and hang those ornaments with tiny little clothespins. It’s one of my favorite decorations. Your little house is very cute!

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  3. ABBIE!!! Those ornaments are just adorable. I love them in all respects – the size, the sparkle, the colors. They just make me smile and smile. Thanks so much for sharing these cuties! Happy Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. Abbie, thanks for this post. I love these ornaments. If I can find my sequins and beads, I think I will try making a Gingerbread house and man. For my first Christmas with my husband, I made all of our ornaments out of felt. I remember the fun I had making them.

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  5. This is so tremendously cute! I’ve made a few ornaments. My grandmother and aunt made a *ton* and I have a lot of them for my tree. My favorite as a kid was always the unicorn. And the gingerbread man.

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    1. Thanks Emily! I love that you still have your grandmother and aunt’s ornaments. I can just picture how captivating a unicorn would be to a kid! I still have a little felt ice skates my aunt made me. Those are the best ornaments 😊🦄


  6. Oh, so cute, Abbie. Thank you for that link. I do like to make ornaments, sometimes felt and sometimes fabric. I probably have enough felt ones, mine and others, to decorate my tree with nothing else. It’s a small 4′ tree, but still, that’s a lot! I’m going to have to make one of these, too! Love the Santa pin, also!

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