Finished Quilt and a New Year!

I finished my mother’s Modern Matisse inspired quilt to deliver on Christmas day! Thank you to all who followed my progress and encouraged me.

I did not quilt it as much as I wanted to but did managed to stitch in the ditches. I told my mother I could work on more quilting to add FMQ designs on the background fabric but she said she prefers it as it is, “It’s more puffy that way.”

I didn’t have time to properly photograph the finish but have this pic to share; the color is off from lack of good light but you can get the idea:

Modern quilt
Sister, mom & me! Christmas 2018

We are all “cat people” so I also made Christmas gifts for each cat family member, a kitty kicker toy. It’s a fabric tube stuffed with catnip and batting scraps.

DIY cat toy

I was hoping each kitty would instantly pounce and kick them but alas that didn’t happen. I was so happy when a few days later, Sis sent me these photos:

Cat toy
Frida and her new toy
Diy cat toy
Theo likes it!

It’s almost a wrap for 2018! Here’s a mini recap from Sparkle On!

I started my blog with my first post in June of 2016. I’ve come a long with improving my quilting and post writing skills and now have new blog goals on the horizon for 2019.

I’m privileged to be a partner in “Partners in Design.”This year we ran our second quilt along “Fall Into a QAL” and it was my first time contributing a block design with a written PDF pattern, “Autumn Harvest Barn.”

We are excited to say a third QAL is in the works for 2019 with an anticipated announcement coming soon!

Each year has its sadness and joy, disappointment and fulfillment but life moves forward and I wishing for everyone that in the end, it is in an upward direction. It is one of the highlights of my day, week, year, life! to connect and blog with all of you! May your New Year be filled with peace and sewing!
~Abbie 🎉

Linking up with Pieceful Sunday at JANDA Bend Quilts and Wednesday Wait Loss at The Inquiring Quilter.

10 thoughts on “Finished Quilt and a New Year!

  1. Great finish on the quilt! Such a special gift for your mom. The cats look like they are in Kitty Playland…I’m interested in making one for Richard Parker.
    Abbie, I look forward to reading your posts. I consider myself fortunate to be one of your blogging friends. Congratulations on your partnership and design. Your creativity is inspirational. I wish you a year filled with peace, joy, and love.


  2. I am sure your mom loved her quilt, thank you for sharing this wonderful memory with all of us! It’s been fun to follow your quilting and blogging journey. Your posts always make me smile and I enjoy the background/historical information you share with us. Those kitties are another reason to smile! I think 2019 will be a very “Sparkley” year!


  3. Lovely photos of those cats playing, I’m glad they took to their toys in the end! I’ve loved following your blog, your posts are always so entertaining. Wishing you every happiness in 2019, I look forward to seeing all your new projects!


  4. Hi Abbie! YAY! I am so happy to see the picture of the finished quilt with your mom. I am 100% sure she just loves it, and feels all the love you stitched into it. Many blessings and Happy New Year to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. What a lovely finish and a lovely photo! Your mom is truly in love with it as it is – a bonus for you. The cat gifts are sweet and I am glad one did finally play with it. Cats are very funny creatures that way. Have a terrific new year with lots of quilty goodness!


  6. Great finish on your Matisse quilt. I look forward to better pictures showing more detail. For now, their faces are enough! They love your quilt! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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