Hearts on a string!

I  saw a cute “Heart Pennant Throw Pillow” tutorial on Amy Smart’s blog Diary of a Quilter. I made a table runner version for a February coffee table decoration 💕


I discovered that I have no batting (why???), so I used a piece of flannel for the center as well as a backing. It’s a bit flimsy but I like it and I now have batting on my shopping list!

The hearts are raw edge appliquéd and the string is hand embroidered. The fabric cut from the Me and My Sister “Badda Bing“ charm pack that I’ve also been using to make my hexies.


I used the “wrong sides together, turn it inside out, no binding” method…does this technique have a name?
And then did some top stitching around the edges. I echo quilted the hearts then stopped there. I just couldn’t figure out how to finish quilting it…So, c’est fini!

I’ve been thinking of what to make for my next keeper bed quilt and found a BOM quilt on the Portland Modern Quilt Guild site.

PMQG BOM Quilt “Stars Galore” designed by Anne Matlak

They provide nine giant (24 x 24” finished) star block patterns for free. I really think that is wonderful of them to share with the quilting universe! The patterns vary in technique. A good way to learn and practice.

I made July’s block (upper left corner in above photo) that features strip piecing. It also uses Y-seams, which I have never done, that involves sewing three separate pieces together with the seams in a Y formation. I couldn’t figure out how the joined seams would lay flat, but they did! Just like magic! It’s truly fun to try this technique.

Strip pieced quilt block with Y seams
Strip pieced Star quilt block with Y-seams

Thank you for visiting me today and happy quilting everyone! 💕
~Abbie 💫

15 thoughts on “Hearts on a string!

  1. Abbie! Where do I start? Well first – nice job on the Y seams and that is a wonderful block. I love the hearts appliqué piece you did and my quilter friends and I call that method “giving birth” of sewing nearly all the edges together right sides together and then turning it out, but I am sure there is an official name – oh wait just looked at the comment above – I like pillow casing – good name! The BOM looks yummy!

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    1. Thanks Tierney!
      Oh, “giving birth” perfect! I never would have thought of that but it totally encapsulates the process.
      Yes, yummy blocks mmmm 😊And they were inspired in Oregon! I often look at the Boulder CO MQG site too, I’m looking forward to hearing about your new state.


  2. Hi Abbie! What – no batting?!! I just LOVE your July block. What a fun project and this one is for you to keep and enjoy? That’s so cool. Your fabric choices are so pretty and look great together. I’ve never had a project with Y seams – good for you for tackling some new techniques. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. I know! What? Just had scraps, but I got some more just yesterday with my Joann’s coupons:)
      Thanks so much Roseanne for your compliments. The Y seam was not as daunting as I thought,
      but I’m not rushing to find a new pattern with it just yet 😉
      I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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  3. Your star block is awesome! Was it hard to sew the Y seam? I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Love the little heart table runner too but then I’m always a bit obsessed with hearts!!


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