Modern Star Quilt Progress

My fifth star in the “Stars Galore” quilt!

Paper pieced modern Star quilt block
16” x 16” finished

I’m extremely happy with how this star turned out. It is a paper piecing pattern. I love it so much I’m planning on using it as the centerpiece block.

I’ve made a few paper pieced blocks before, but can’t say I got hooked. After making this block, I now feel confident in the process.

Part of my avoidance to PP is it seems to waste a lot of fabric? I get uncomfortable cutting pieces so much larger than the finished size. I think I notice it because the scraps are more angular or irregular? And also because I try to be economical with my fabric. What are your thoughts on paper piecing?

The block and the quilt are Kona solids and BasicGrey’s Grunge “Seeing Stars” from Moda. The background a variety of neutrals, warm and grayish off-whites.

Only four more to go!

If you like, you can see my previous four blocks here.

Hoping all is well with you in your quilting corner of the world!  ~Abbie 💫

I’m linking up with Inquiring Quilter’s Wednesday Wait Loss.

18 thoughts on “Modern Star Quilt Progress

  1. Hi Abbie! Wow, this star block is beautiful. That’s one thing about paper piecing – it is precise and your block certainly reflects that. Your points look beyond perfect! I love the fabrics you chose, especially those two blues. So very nice! Thanks for sharing the pattern. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Abbie, that is a really cool block! I’m loving paper piecing precision. I’ve printed out a few different blocks and made test blocks. I write the size needed for each piece (after making my test block) on the pattern before making copies — it’s helping me not waste as much. I did buy some newsprint paper 700 sheets for $10 which is working perfectly.

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    1. Thank you Karla!
      That is an awesome fabric saving tip. That encourages me not to shy away from making a total quilt with PP blocks.
      I had not heard of using newsprint, regular paper can be tricky. Thanks for that tip too! I always appreciate you sharing your expertise with me. 😊

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  3. This block is beautiful, I really like your color combinations. I am working on my paper piecing skills as well. I appreciate the precision but like you, I worry about using too much fabric and wasting all those angular pieces.

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  4. Love this star! Yes, it should be the focus of your quilt. I like paper piecing because it allows me to get precise results with complicated blocks. It also lets me sew up blocks that I would otherwise have to use templates to make, and I hate templates. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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