“Summer Storm” Mini Quilt

A quilting arts magazine I subscribe to had an entry call for  5” x 11” mini quilts with the theme “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.” I got really excited because I’ve always wanted to enter “something” quilting and thought I can do this!

So I’m thinking, I don’t want to do the obvious but do want to incorporate the animals. I thought of how dogs love water and cats generally do not. I pictured a pup running to swim in the ocean and a cat waiting for the summer rain storm to pass.

This is what I made.

It’s raining cats and dogs mini quilt
“Summer Storm” mini quilt by Abbie Danahy

As I was working on it, I went back to my magazine to check the entry details and reread the challenge …Reread? Apparently in my enthusiasm I didn’t read it at all.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Reader Challenge

This idiom of mostly unknown origins applies to that heavy downpour that can drench you right through your rain slicker. We’ve had some incredible weather recently—much of it destructive. As weather patterns change all over the world and communities are faced with turmoil, loss, and the specter of rebuilding, we ask you, our readers, to respond to these phenomena in art quilt form. How have meteorological upsets affected you? What changes do you want to see? Would it even be surprising if actual cats and dogs fell from the sky?

I suddenly realized I had rained on my own parade!  I decided not to enter. But that is not to say I’m happy with my mini and glad I was inspired to make it.

I did have a hard time writing this post though. I so enjoyed making my take on the title. It was a fun change to improvise and create without a pattern. But my quilt was frivolous in context to the theme of the challenge. At the same time, I take seriously the statements of it. I often think about climate change; the effects on future generations, what I myself can do to reduce waste. Personally I have been fortunate not to have lost and rebuild at the hands of nature.

I’ve read so many inspiring blog posts of quilter’s making and donating quilts for victims of natural disasters. I do believe that hope is always on the horizon.

So that’s the story of my little quilt.  I think it will be perfect for different challenge.

Thanks for visiting and I hope all is calm and peaceful in your space on Earth. 💕 🌎


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13 thoughts on ““Summer Storm” Mini Quilt

  1. Abbie,
    This quilt is perfect for another challenge! When I look at your quilt, I see laughter and joy in the moment. It’s playful and fun and made me smile. Thank you for sharing dog and cat joy with all of us! Now, please excuse me while I go off to join my dog, Norma, in that big wave!

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  2. Hi Abbie, i jumped to the same conclusion. However, it may not qualify for the magazine’s challenge, but you did meet and exceed some of your personal challenges. I say challenge met and surpassed and WELL DONE!!!!

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  3. I say that you should just enjoy the cute little quilt! It’s so fun. I’ve done the same thing, getting excited about creating and then realizing I missed the rest of the details. No matter, we know you care about the actual theme. Just pin that little quilt up somewhere and let it make you smile when you see it.

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  4. It is a wonderful quilt! I think we have all done it – read the descriptions partially (or not at all). I love it and it makes you smile and me smile. Enjoy your wonderfully whimsical creation.

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  5. I think this is so cute! I love it as it pertains to the phrase “raining cats and dogs.” I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit the challenge and you are disappointed. But it is a really fun mini quilt and I love the jewel accents.

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  6. It’s a cute little quilt that makes me smile. And giving someone a smile after they’ve lost their home to a natural disaster seems the right thing to do, so I think you should be very proud of your little creation! Thanks so much for sharing the laughter on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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