Mug Rugs and Hello!

Other than the Sew, Let’s QAL and the current Barn Quilt BOM from Powered by Quilting, I have been relatively absent from posting this summer. I have continued to check in and read many of your posts all along.  But now it is November and I find myself with a bit of writer’s block. It seems the longer I don’t write, I don’t know where to start. So I have to just jump back in with a Hello! and share a small project I most recently made.

This is the forth year in a row I have made Duane a Halloween mug rug for his favorite occasion, Halloween!

Halloween Kitty
Halloween Kitty mug rug

While sketching out this design, I imagined the clouds turning to ghosts to raise the hair on the quintessential Halloween cat! It was a fun improv piece to create.

The Halloween past mug rugs:

Vlad the Vampire is a pattern from Gray Barn Designs.
Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull
House on the Hill
House on the Hill

This summer my free time was focused on my garden. I love to grow as many of my herbs and vegetables as possible from seed. It is always a marvel to me to see one seed grow into a plant with fruits and veggies; like the tomato plant that we can eat from every day and still make sauce and salsa with more than enough to give away.

I planted some cosmos seeds last spring and they all grew into giant bush like plants with not a single bloom. I ended up pulling them all up in October except for one smaller plant that was in a pot. Well it did bloom this week! I love the color and it makes me smile.

Cosmos flower

It’s hard watching the garden fade but it has been a beautiful Fall here in Pennsylvania.

Thank you for stopping by!


~Abbie 🌸

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11 thoughts on “Mug Rugs and Hello!

  1. That little mug rug is so creative and fun, it just made me smile. Welcome back — I was happy to see your post in my inbox! I’m not much of a gardener; I have no patience, and I dislike weeding. That probably says something about me, but we won’t go there! That little Cosmos is a beauty though!

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  2. So glad you are back – and what a lovely mug rug!! I adore seeing the others you did, too. Oh, and that cosmos is gorgeous. I am not really a gardener, but appreciate the beauty of a great garden which I am surrounded by on Peaks Island! I have a master gardener on all 3 sides of me, so I will win no competitions and leave mine to the professionals.

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  3. Oh Abbie, I LOVE your new Halloween mug rug, the cloud ghosts are so clever and your cat is full of personality! I really enjoy Halloween too but it seems to sneak up on me every year, after the flurry of the schools going back, so I haven’t done any Halloween sewing yet. Maybe next year!


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