Barn Quilt BOM Month 5

Hello! It’s a new year and month five of the Barn Quilt BOM from Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting.

This month you will make the center star piece. It was exciting to make this block and see how it will tie the whole quilt together.

Barn BOM Quilt center block

Taking the picture, I spotted a mistake I made (twice!) Can you see it? I will be correcting it!

Again, this month chain piecing is an essential time saver and helps keep your piecing progress organized. Chain piecing is a technique to sew your same set pieces continuously in an assembly fashion with out having to stop, lift the needle, cut the thread and them start again with a new set.

Last month Ruthie was my quilt block inspector. This month the kitten tried her paw in helping…


So after your center block is completed you will be all done except for the pretty top and bottom borders we are making for February.

The Barn Quilt BOM pattern is written and designed by Sherry Shish and is available for purchase for $20.00 by clicking below:

pattern button

Barn Quilt BOM pattern ©2019 Sherry Shish for Powered By Quilting

Barn Quilt BOM Hosts: Please visit these hosts to see their Month 4 blocks too! And to get their tips and inspiration for working on yours.

Abbie Danahy of Sparkle On! >>>you are here!

April Adams of JANDA Bend Quilts

Kathleen McCormick of Kathleen McMusing

Vanda Chittenden of Quilting with Vanda

Quilt Along Schedule: The first Wednesday of each month.

  • August: Barn BOM started!
  • September:  Month 1 blocks.
  • October 10/2: Month 2 blocks and Mini Quilt #1 assembly.
  • November 11/6: Month 3 blocks.
  • December 12/4: Month 4 blocks and Mini Quilt #2 assembly.
  • January 1/1: Month 5 blocks/Mini Quilt #3 assembly.
  • February 2/5: Month 6 blocks and Quilt Top Assembly
  • March 3/4:  Show off your amazing work!

Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year to you!




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