💕Happy Heart Day💕

15″x15″ Crazy Heart Wall Hanging

Hello! and I hope that all is well with you. Today is a nice break from “Blursday” to celebrate with hearts. I made this 15″ x 15″ heart wall hanging using scraps and the easy crazy quilt block method finishing it with machine embroidery.

I had some fun baking too. Some bite size decorated heart brownies are in order for today!

Quilty friends, you’re in my heart today :)

Abbie 💗

5 thoughts on “💕Happy Heart Day💕

  1. Happy, Happy Heart Day, dear friend! This wall hanging is so cute. Thanks for the link to crazy quilting. I do not have homemade brownies, but I have plenty of chocolate heart candy to munch on as I study the crazy quilting video.


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