A Work Apron

I recently made a cute work apron from Kathleen McMusing’s pattern featured in the Partners in Design’s Holiday Gifts to You Hop. You can get the pattern here.

A Work Apron pattern by Kathleen McCormick

Kathleen says her pattern was “born out of necessity” to keep her phone on hand in her sewing studio. I too made it primarily to carry my phone on me because these days I am frequently wearing my Covid uniform that incudes pocketless casual pants.

I have been using my phone pedometer to help keep me active on “inside days.” It helps motivate me to reach my current daily step goal of 3,000 and I will go up and down stairs just to reach it.

My step counting companion is our cat Ruthie who expects a mouse to be launched down every time I go up. So, the multiple apron pockets makes it perfect for me to have plenty on person!

I used a sale remnant I bought from the 2017 fabric collection “City Gals” by QY Fabrics. It’s so fun and colorful!

The apron is easily adjustable to customize the length and/or width. I made my tie using ribbon, measuring it long enough to tie in the front.  

Ruthie on a mouse hunt.

Thanks for visiting. Hoping all is well with you. Texans, you are in my thoughts.


10 thoughts on “A Work Apron

  1. What a great idea, using the apron so you can keep the pedometer going. I listen to music on my phone, so it sits on my sewing table connected to my stereo system, so I can’t keep it with me while I walk around. I might change my mind though, after seeing this! And Wilbs loves those mice, too!

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  2. I love this! I used to wear pocketed aprons when I taught. The kids loved to see what I would bring out of the pockets. I have the same Covid uniform as you, so this apron is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for thinking of the people in Texas at this time.

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