Fall Into a QAL Block 12 Release!

Hoot! Hoot! Isn’t he cute? I do love him and he is very happy to find his place in the Fall Into a QAL quilt. Block 12 “Owl” is the second appliqué block by Vanda Chittenden and the final one of the Fall Into a QAL. Visit her blog Quilting with Vanda to download the … Continue reading Fall Into a QAL Block 12 Release!


Fall Into a QAL Block 10 Release!

Block 10 of the Fall Into a QAL “Patchwork Pickles” is designed by Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs where you can read her tutorial and download the free pattern! This an appliquéd block with piecing. The background and jars are quick to piece, the pattern provides you with easy to follow directions. The jars are … Continue reading Fall Into a QAL Block 10 Release!

House on the Hill

Last year I made Duane, who loves Halloween and has a birthday in October, Vlad the Vampire mug rug from a free pattern by Grey Barn Designs. So this year I decided to make it a tradition and made him another mug rug I named "The House on the Hill." (We live on Hill St. … Continue reading House on the Hill

Cawing Pumpkin Patch

I really can't explain why, but I love it when I see a big old crow and he goes "Caw, Caw." Then he may strut around a bit and say it again; this always makes me laugh. So when I decided to make a Fall table mat, I knew it had to have some of … Continue reading Cawing Pumpkin Patch

711 Walnut St.

This is a little wall hanging I made for my mother of the house I grew up in with her and my sister. My mother is an artist; she paints, draws and is also the person who taught me how to sew.  My inspiration for this gift to her came from a watercolor/pen&ink painting she gave … Continue reading 711 Walnut St.

Mini Wall Hanging

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the Koi Fish Pond endeavor in my last post, I decided to take a break and work on a tad smaller version first. (I promise I won’t abandon you koi pond project, just wait a little while for me!!!) This is my completed (such a wonderful word) mini version:   On the … Continue reading Mini Wall Hanging

Quilted koi pond layout ideas

Trying some lay out ideas with the shapes I have cut so far. I don’t have a set measurement on the finished piece, just a general idea of the size of the space I want it to occupy as a wall hanging (about 2.5'x3.5'). I was thinking of using the white fabric background then machine … Continue reading Quilted koi pond layout ideas

Quilted Koi Pond with Raw-Edge Applique

So now my next endeavor is the same idea as the previous post, only sparkier! The inspiration came from my sister’s pond. Full of lily pads, koi fish (for the record they are really goldfish) and a frog or two! I sketched and sketched till I got the shapes I wanted and this time drew templates … Continue reading Quilted Koi Pond with Raw-Edge Applique

The Begining

I have always considered sewing as one of my many crafting hobbies, but in the last year it has gone from something I like doing sometimes to something I have the urge to do it almost every day. This started when I finally fulfilled an abstract desire into a real goal. I made my first … Continue reading The Begining