Summer Nights Quilt Finished!

My "Summer Nights Quilt" is finished! I was inspired by "Falling Stars" quilt by Patrick Lose. I purchased the digital pattern from Fons and Porter and followed the pattern for the flying geese stars from it. I ended up making some smaller stars too and then omitting some of the pattern pieces and designing my own … Continue reading Summer Nights Quilt Finished!

Free Motion Moving

All this moving! As a stress buster break from house moving, I am moving along with quilting my Summer Nights quilt. After finishing the borders with a star pattern (that I have to admit as a beginner I struggled with) I decided to quilt the rest of the top in a meandering free style swirly … Continue reading Free Motion Moving

Summer Quilt

I was so excited that all my star block corner points were matching up so well [ Spotted: Flying Geese! ] that I neglected to notice the outside edges were not! The finished blocks should be 8 1/2" square, but believe me they were not.😜 I was able to square them up on my cutting mat to about … Continue reading Summer Quilt