Lebanon Quilters Guild 2017 Exhibition of Quilts

I went to a local quilt show last weekend featuring members of the Lebanon, PA (my new home town) Quilters Guild. There were 150 beautiful quilts on display. Here is a sampling including my vote for “Viewer’s Choice,” a quilt titled “Sophisticated Whimsy.” (Oh I do have a thing for quilts with bright bold colors and white backgrounds!)

“Sophisticated Whimsy “



A special feature was an exhibit of several pieces from the 2017 Hoffman Challenge Traveling Trunk Show. I recommend looking at this link to see (much better) pictures of the entries and winners.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I treated myself to these purchases; a sunny mug rug that is on my nightstand now holding my favorite kitty charm I like to see everyday :) and a half yard of unidentified fabric (perfect for a Winter wall hanging I have in mind.)


Quilt shows are so much fun, don’t you think? (silly question;) I was so happy to learn of this one. I am always in awe of and inspired by the talent and artistry of quilters. Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting y’all! ~Abbie ✨

12 thoughts on “Lebanon Quilters Guild 2017 Exhibition of Quilts

    1. I hadn’t either until this year I found out about two local ones. Yes, it is! It’s special to learn and see their way of life up close. I come from the “city” (I say that loosely) of Harrisburg and originally State College.
      The Amish don’t really “show” their quilts but some do sell them and they are amazing to see, entirely done by hand! There is a Mennonite quilt auction for charity I missed this year. 😕 And soon I will have to get to near by Lancaster PA for a quilt shop tour!

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      1. Abbie — I was in Harrisburg this fall with friends (my first time ever). It was a very nice city. We had some good food and the river and the surrounding mountains look enticing for outdoor activities.

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        1. Oh that is so neat! It is a nice little city and much improved over the years with new and good restaurants. I’m happy to hear you liked it 😊 If you ever visit again you can look me up or ask for any suggestions about things to do


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