🍍 Pineapple Blocks🍍

Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts blog post  ”Little Pineapples”, has two versions of Moda Blockheads Block 8 that she made. I just loved them and decided to make the one by Coriander Quilts. Thank you Wendy!

Quilted Pineapple Block
6” x 6” Pineapple Block

Well I made one and kept going. I used my Kona solids (Surprise this is not! ;)

Quilted Pineapple Blocks


Instead of using them as blocks in a quilt, I decided to bind each one using the backing fabric.  I have used this method before on mug rugs but have never been so pleased with how the corners turned out as on these!

I am going to string them together with ribbon for a front door hanging. I wondered why a pineapple was a symbol of welcoming and hospitality. The answer to so many questions I ask myself is “Google it!”

“In the Colonial Era, because of their scarcity and price, pineapples were originally served only to most-honored guests. That idea was translated into pineapple images so that those who could not afford the fruit itself could still share the sentiment. Towns, inns and even individual households would display images — pictures or carvings — of the fruit in order to convey a sense of welcoming.” Mother Nature Network

Now this is one big welcome in a city I hope to visit one day:

Pineapple Fountain Charleston, South Carolina
Pineapple Fountain                                                           Charleston, South Carolina

In my Summertime post I asked “How do you balance your blogging time?” Many of you said you spend about an hour composing posts and I set a goal of two for this one. I was over but came close and that is an improvement for me! Thank you to everyone who weighed in, all the comments were valuable to me.

Thanks for visiting and oh my gosh, I am so craving a pineapple right now! 🍍🍍🍍

~Abbie 💫

Linking up with Pretty Piney’s What I Made Monday.

18 thoughts on “🍍 Pineapple Blocks🍍

  1. Love those little pineapples! I have a pretty good way of doing back to front that I learned on a placemats (and its all by machine. Will have to post that one day. Truth be told big posts take long! Now what I am trying to do is put the photos in as I take them in the draft and then they are formatted and ready to go – that is a pretty big time saver. Hope you were ok in all that rain – my aunt said Reading got quite a bit the other day.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Kathleen!
      You will have to post about back binding! I hand sewed it to the front which makes for
      a bit of wonkiness!
      Thanks for your input too. I always so impressed with your blog posts. I’m learning anything you can get done in advance helps with planning a post. For me I feel like I have to choose; sew time or blog time. Some days it is hard to chose!
      We had major rain in or area too. Roads flooded. We were fortunate, I know a lot of people had flooded basements. Hope your aunt didn’t.


  2. Hi Abbie! Each one of these is more cute than the one before. I adore the yellow one best, but they all are so chubby and will look fabulous as a banner. I did a post on pineapples earlier this summer and included similar information about its history. I have a pineapple hanging on my front door now! No one has commented except my 30 year-old nephew – what’s up with the pineapple? HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Aww Shucks, thanks Roseanne 😊 I had fun with all the different bright colors.
      I must have missed that post of yours. Can you send me the link so I can go back and look, I can’t find it. 🤪
      That is funny about your nephew! He learned something new about pineapples that day.

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  3. These are so cute! I saw Wendy’s pineapples recently and thought they were super cute; yours in different bright colors look great! I like the idea of pineapples in different colors. How fun!

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    1. Thanks Karla! Oh good, they are so fun and easy to make. Looking forward to seeing yours.
      Thanks for thinking of me! Our basement is fine but much flooding in surrounding neighborhoods. I think everyone is ready for some less humid dry weather for sure!

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