Mug Rugs all Around

Mug rug madness marches on as everyone on my list is getting one as their handmade gift this year. Did I have grander things in mind? Yes, but this is an all around project finish so I’m happy about that! These are the latest additions:

Assorted Mug Rugs
Mug Rug fronts
Assorted mug rugs backs
Backs or vise versa!

This started as a scrap buster project yet I have (not so subconsciously) found a way to incorporate the polka dot fabric from Joann’s, that I love, which was specially assigned to the binding of my I Wish You a Merry QAL quilt. I can always buy more right?

Cat people run in my family…

Kitty Cat mug rug


Mixed in with my Christmas fabric, I found a forgotten UFO surprise of these two little wonky star Santas for a table runner I was planning last year. Added bindings and lo and behold, they became rug mugs too!

Wonky Star Mug rugs
Wonky Santas


My brother-in-law is an avid chess player. Here is the mug rug I made for specially him. (His wife is my sister and blog follower, so she will not be getting a sneak peek of hers here!)

Chess board mug rug

I like to doodle and found a great app called “Sketches.” I drew a mug and made these little cards to pin to each:


As holiday projects get wrapped up in the sewing room and then in pretty paper, it can only mean Christmas is almost here and a new year around the corner. It’s been a true gift to me talking and sharing with you through this blog and yours. Here’s to old friends 🥂 and the new one’s we will make!

With all my best, Happy Holidays to you and yours ~Abbie ✨💕

I’m linking this post up with Sherry of Powered by Quilting’s Friday Foto Fun.



26 thoughts on “Mug Rugs all Around

    1. Hi Lynette and thank you so much!
      I see on your blog that you are a cat
      person too 😻Your black kitty looks like a real rascal! All three are precious.
      Thank you for visiting my blog, I am now happy to follow yours. I am in total awe of your quilts.
      Merry Christmas to you as well :) ~Abbie


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